Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The next generation

A few years ago I started blogging - and wanted to post a message every day while in my 60th year ( 59 going on 60), but that seemed a very naive call for a starting blogger. Time and good planning was my worst enemy.

I also started in English, with the intention of communicating in a more public way wanting to reach my children and my English speaking friends and relatives.

My blogging life has increased in volume- I write in both Dutch, my native tongue but not that of my children, and in English my second language.

Over time I have 'met' some wonderfully talented people who inspire, guide and amuse me simply by me being able to read their work, send messages, sometimes respond and as of late- have guest bloggers on my page.

I have no idea how often my children read what I write because I don't want it to be a MUST DO. They have hugely busy lives, families to run and rear and other important 'stuff' as I did when I was a mum raising three children. So I don't ask " what did you think of...?" or " have you read...?"

Today I did come across a blogpost of someone whose words I read and style I can admire - and that is blogger James Watkins.

He committed to paper things I think about but haven't communicated to my darling children - who in turn may share with their children when talking about who oma is/was!

I loved the post so much I want to share it with you. So here it comes:

by James Watkins
Visit his page and read what other gems he has placed. A humoristic and fun-loving blogger


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