Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A wee unplanned summer break

We here in the Northern Hemisphere are, or rather have, enjoyed some awesome summery weather to date. This causes a bit of a clash with inside and outside activities.

I hadn't actually thought it would interfere so much with my blog writing than what it has... sorry to those trusty readers who came and left without seeing any new posts.

As the weather pattern is becoming increasingly unstable and erratic I feel confident to say- I wil be at my computer more than I have been of late.

I have however used my 'down time' to re-evaluate my blog style, look and setup.

What also played a large part - and I have to fair - is that I have introduced two new blog themes. This as a result of my reassessment.

Where in the past I managed to mix and match and muddle my topics- they now are definitely separated. The colour schemes may still change but for now I am increasingly more satisfied with my 'look' for each individual blog topic.

I did toy with the idea of translating my Omaverweg ( oma far away) blog, but even I have to admit to that being just a tad too much to handle. So the translator will have to do I am afraid. Still, the gist of my story will come through reasonably well I feel. for all those grandparents 'far away' - know you aren't alone in your yearnings, hopes and experiences.

My Wednesday evenings are holy - sacred even. I endeavour with all my might to keep those free. Only in extreme circumstances will i miss one of my Wednesday evenings with fellow believers. It is such an uplifting, enjoyable and learning moment in time. We discus, exchange and discover so much about our faith and how to become even more alert, aware and stronger in our relationship with God. A not to miss moment in my week. So this too has been given a separate space where I can express my thoughts. A special place for a special moment.

On my 'main page' Ik zie dat zo are all the links to my blogs, websites and other information you might want to check out. It was a bit of a sort out I can tell you.

Feel ever so free to drop me a line, comment or reaction when you've paid a visit. Always good to get feedback.

Should you wish an email- to notify you of new posts, add your name to the list. Enjoy your visits and hope to catch you again soon.

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