Saturday, 4 February 2017

All in all it has been a lovely day!

A late start. Not the best night's sleep. Blocked nose and all the discomfort that goes with it. I even spent a few hours on the couch not wanting to disturb my partner. He was due for an early start and quite a energetic day- so he needed to be refreshed when he woke.

I did hear the alarm- and him getting up. After that peace reigned again. I also had noticed in that wee gap of being awake that my nose was less problematic than earlier in the night. Yippeeeee! I dozed back off.

As I opened one eye and the other eyelid slowly followed suit, I saw the digits on the clock 10:37am. OMgoodness. That late!! I got up and walked into the living area. A note lay on the table. It read, " hope you slept ok? See you tonight."

I made a cuppa, added a slice of lemon. Re-rubbed my soles of my feet with Vicks and pulled my socks back on. After a quick brush of the teeth and a splash of water on my now truly awake face I dropped onto the chair and slowly focussed on what was to be, my short morning.

The weather was a perfect mirror of how I felt. The sky wanted to clear and become blue, but didn't quite make it. The sun did try to shine- but shone elsewhere. The misty rain that slowly developed caused my view to deterioratie. It fitted me like a glove.

By about 13:30 I had stopped breathing through my mouth. Nose started to clear some more. Things were looking up. I still sneeze, about 23 seconds after that sharp prickle jabs the interior of my nasal passage. Just enough time to grab the nearest tissue at hand. I will have to wash my woolly top tomorrow- especially the crook in the elbow part of the sleeve- it catches my sneeze if I am caught without a tissue. Better that then spray the room.

Then I heard a ringing noise. First thought it was my head cold causing music in my ears. But no way! I was to be distracted by a HAPPY EVENT. The doorbell went down in the lobby - we live in an apartment building. " A parcel for you ma'am." HUGE, it was HUGE. My new Kenwood KN287 All in One Kitchen machine. YESSSS. I couldn't care anymore about the nose, the sneezes, the slowly becoming darker sky.


At first I didn't want to open this HUGE box. Wait till hubby arrived back - I resisted and resisted. But alas, the apple looked so tempting, I grabbed a small knife and proceeded to slice the tape. One at a time I lifted the flaps to reveal - ANOTHER BIG BOX!

I made a coffee and sat there looking at this box with it's text - KENWOOD KITCHEN MACHINE!

Coffee done- back to the task of giving in to my urge to unwrap. All the components were finally on the table. Glad we have a big table.

It felt like Santa had granted me my biggest wish ever! In a manner of speaking that is 😀. Not everyone goes into a happy rain dance at the sight of a kitchen appliance.

I am back after a wee break. Got to finish my blog.

 Evening has fallen. My hubby has been given a demonstration to see how all the attachments fit and to what use they are. I have removed the loose components I had as tools ( hand mixer, juice press, liquidizer and foodprocessor from my pantry. After years of faithful service they now will be transferred to other homes, other kitchens, other users. Their usefulness, except for the foodprocessor, is still present. Too good to dump so passing them on.

From the miserable, feeling yukky and blurry to feeling on top of my world - it has been a LOVELY DAY!


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