Thursday, 23 February 2017

It is just one of those days

Yes, it is still winter here. We have had such mild weather. Not the harsh winters of my childhood. A slight dusting of snow.  Quite a few crisp and crunchy frosts followed by sun filled days with clear blue skies. No real rainfall to even mention it. In fact the rivers were at an all time low every now and then, causing concern for the shipping industry.

But today, all that changed. A storm is raging outside. The wind is howling past my window. In fact, it is trying to come inside. I can feel a slight draught from where I sit at my desk. Furiously the branches of the trees are bending and waving every which way that if they were people they'd be dizzy and not be able to stand upright. I fear that some may loose a branch or two and even others will simply not stand up to the furore and strength of this wind almost gale force. A 'code orange' has been issued.

We live along a river, gladly on the third floor. The water is rising rapidly and the clouds hold promise of more wet stuff to come. Winter is not over by a long shot.

As it is in Heaven-trailer
Today is a 'down day', me keeping a low profile and not being very active. I have had some really hectic weeks of late- time to chill down ( sorry about the pun here) and give myself a break. Lovely to be able to watch the developing storm from a warm and secure distance - but feel for those having to brave the elements.

A month or so ago when we had a similar - but not nearly as violent a day, I baked. Lovely. A warm, comfortable and nostalgic feeling. Baking odours, yummy cookies and a freshly baked loaf.  Cozier than that is hard to get.

Today a different emotion has taken hold. More sensitive and less active. I discovered a memory- something that fitted my mood for today. A film I watched a few years ago now. In fact I have replayed it a few times- and feel the urge to repeat the experience. The Swedish movie called: As it is in Heaven. Do you know it? Have you heard of it? Oh what a movie. What a story and superb acting. Goosebumps jus thinking about it. And that feels so right for today. Goosebumps but then of the pleasant emotional variety.

So I googled, went to Youtube and listened to one of the songs which touched me deeply. The text so powerful, the music so full of feeling. Here the link to the version with English subtitles. Cabriellas Song.

The song, the memories and the story line were a perfect accompaniment for today's conditions. I have enjoyed the moment. The day is slowly drawing to a close, getting dark early due to the low and threatening cloud formations crowding the skies. As the water rises in the river below, I am grateful for my warm and comfortable home! Snug as a bug in a rug- I am safe, warm and content.


  1. Hi Anita, I could feel your mellowness as I read your post.
    God bless

    1. Hello Tracy. Thanks for the comment. It was a special day and emotion that's for sure.