Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Smiles instead of frowns

I posted a message on my FB wall the other day.. it went like this:

I have had it with staring blindly and with dismay at all those Trump messages and items. It would have one think that there is nothing else happening in the world. Well there are wonderful things to be happy about. And I would LOVE to see HAPPY ITEMS fill the screen. Who is with me in this? How about starting and closing the day with a HAPPY POST.

The thing is Mr President is enjoying all the attention he is getting and I believe this works as an incentive to be even more destructive.

Today I have decided to no longer react to any TRUMP posts. No more sharing - no more emoticons, no more likes or dislikes.

It is Sunday. The sun is out, haven't seen it for a while. People are walking their dogs in the park, children on their bikes. The world is smiling at you and me. Let's share HAPPY messages.

It is all about which way we look at ourselves and the world around us. Let's reflect love and friendship. Well, that's my goal anyway.

End of post

I missed out saying that there are sad things too, and there are sad events that hurt because life itself brings about a dose of smiles and a dose of tribulations. The whole point of the message was - STOP WITH DOOM SPREADING. No more objections, judgements or unbridled insults. Thing is - many of those comments I actually took time to read weren't even of Americans or people immediately affected by the decisions made by the new president of the USA.

Sure his methods, actions and way he sees the world are as far removed from me as can be - BUT, I am NOT the president of the USA. No matter how bad I think some of his decisions are- it isn't up to me to spread all those uncensured comments that others place on Social Media. I do not believe that spreading hateful and damaging comments do anything at all to help bring about change.

My task in the life isn't about people bashing. It is about being the best possible person I can be. By respecting life, buy being there for those who seek me out to help them. My business is to be honest, caring, compassionate and cheery.
I want my smile to affect someone whose smile has faded. I would like to think my arm around someone's shoulder gives encouragement and support. My aim is to say uplifting encouraging things to someone needing to hear them.

No longer am I prepared to help others do something I have no business doing. Slandering and cursing.

No way am I behaving like an ostrich with my head in the sand. On the contrary. In no way at all do I condone attacks on people of any ethnic group what so ever. My vision is one of peace and caring for this planet so my grandchildren and their children may enjoy life to it's fullest like generations before them have. I believe in dialogue and compromises. In sharing and caring.

As a child I had plenty of people around me I looked up to and wanted to 'grow up to be like'. They are still my example and heroes.

In each day there will be things to be grateful for - and my hope is that people will start focussing on those so as to lift their spirits and let hope gain strength so down play and minimise the damage all that screaming and yelling that is happening world wide.

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