Monday, 5 March 2018

New Season, new month, new tricks

Well hello there it's March 2018. Are we ready for spring? Heck yes we are. Well, actually we thought spring had sprung a few weeks ago but that was a farce. Mother Nature threw a spanner in the works and called Winter to come back and hit us hard. And Winter obeyed. It was fierce, cold and uncensured. Still, we survived to live to tell the tale and re-welcome the sunshine into our lives. Yippee for that!!

I have been busy at my desk- seeing I had more inside time due to the weather. My desk is right by my window and the sun shone on it- thankfully. So it was lovely to see the snow and ice on the other side of the glass while I attempted to acquire new skills. Still working on them - the skills as I have committed to something new.

My year of birth was 1953. Here in Nederland a year to remember. Devastation floods killing many and destroying the south western part ( Zeeland) of our country, changing it's structure forever. Change. Lots of it.

Change is a key word too in our society I would say. Even though we want to hold onto what we know, the comfort of familiarity, we are sometimes forced to change with what development offers us. Sometimes forced upon us. One change I felt was not a sound move was when governments around the world decided to sell off their money making, or sometimes not, assets. Like the postal system or the public transport to name a couple. Sure, the sale brought money into the coffers, but that was soon spent. Once all the pots of gold were empty there were no sources of income anymore to pluck from- so they started plucking the people. We are faced with the changes that came with this huge blunder.

Then there is the topic: communication. We are a species that want to communicate. Yes, some more reclusive than others, but communication is what binds us. We all belong to the animal kingdom. Those four footers, those with wings, those that crawl close to the ground, and we two footers, we communicate. We send messages to each other, our own kind, and let be known how we feel, what we need, what we know.

Talk about change. Smoke signals, Morse code, pigeons, sign language, languages. The way humans have communicate over the centuries has changed dramatically. The options now are amazing, some easily mastered, others a mystery to many.

My first two children came into the world before microwave ovens and home computers were a common item. My third child had both those at his disposal. Huge difference.

I live in Nederland, my children and grandchildren in Australia and New Zealand. We communicate. Through every which way possible and available. Not daily, though we could. At the drop of a hat I can send a message and it arrives at it's destination almost faster than I can send it.

I've learnt how to use Facebook, SnapChat, WhatsApp and FaceTime to name a few. I Blog and have just started my Instagram account. I've had a Twitter account but cancelled that a while back. Recently I've added another communication means to my repertoire. I have a YouTube channel. Why? Because it is there. Because I can. And more importantly, I want to be part of the world my children and grandchildren are growing up in. I want to know what things they experience, learn about, avoid, master, utelise. I want to understand about their experiences, their language. And to do that, I need to embrace the changes and find out how I can use them to make them fit. To fit into my life for the benefits that they offer.

I have no idea whether I will keep it up for years and years but while I can and while I'm learning, I'll try to leave behind videos for my children and grandchildren, family and friends to have as keepsakes for later. A verbal photo album you could say.

Now, I'm not one of those young razzemataz youngster that posts fast fleeting videos of fashion, music or daily doings, but an OmaFarAway that will share some of my 'stuff'. Should you find it interesting feel free to subscribe or visit when I post a new video. Share with other OmaFarAway's in your surroundings. I know I am not alone in that! It may bring comfort or some form of community spirit.

Anyway, that's my communication for now. Have a great day- enjoy what comes on your path and make the most of life's opportunities.

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