Friday, 23 March 2018

The challenges today

At the start of this year I selected a word- I try to actively 'better' myself or focus on something I find important to me. This year my theme is - Persevere. To keep focussed. To not digress.

My life's motto ( amongst a few others) is, Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Make the  most of life and what it offers. Live, love and laugh A LOT!

Somehow some of life's to-do's are deferred to - Tomorrow. I have tried to grasp the concept of tomorrow and found- it never comes. Like the new zip needed in the pants, the recipe still not tried out, the phone call to that friend still not made, the photo album still half finished, the film not yet seen, the drawer still cluttered, the painting still not on the wall, the letter left unanswered. Stuff like that. It is so easy to say- I'll do that tomorrow, till I got to thinking, "heck tomorrow is already fully booked". And which tomorrow did I want to do all this stuff in?

Today I have managed to write up 3 blogs, chat with my grandson, send him an email with a list of stuff he needs to pack before he boards a plane to visit me. Read the morning paper, we just had local body elections and the outcome was interesting. I've recovered all the info I need for a dinner for 15 people I am helping a friend prepare. All this before coffee. I'm trying to not become distracted by other stuff that is also fun, enjoyable and worth spending time on. Like the WhatsApp chats I need to answer- but will have to wait till this blog is done. I am PERSEVERING and it feels so good achieving stuff. Actually being able to tick stuff off and not add to my 'to do later list'.

What is also very rewarding is the jobs left 'to do' list is shrinking. I am not that naive to think I will never have a 'to do' list. I am however pretty positive about how short a list it will be. I want my in tray as minimalistic as possible and my out tray full of ticked off chores. DONE and DUSTED today!

Have you ever wondered in which  tomorrow you'll do all those pushed to the background and out of sight chores you've saved up or avoided?

Last night I closed the (to)day on a positive note. It was reasonably warmish, was pleased I finally got my hair cut which was a week or more overdue, had a positive result after the tax man filled out out tax form and actually got the ironing done within 24 hours of the pile being made. Then I slept fitfully and woke up to 'TODAY'. Not tomorrow. So you see, had I planned stuff for tomorrow- I'd have to wait and wait some more 😉! Because it isn't tomorrow- but today!! Confused? Don't be. I'm keeping on keeping on. Persevering. Doing today all I can achieve and working on my staying power, my tendency to divert my attention to 'other stuff'. And you know what- I'm enjoying my efforts to date. It is almost the end of March and my year is shaping up to be a great one. How is yours coming along?

It is 10:50 am. I'm happy as I can be. Time for coffee!!

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