Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday 20th of April 2012.

Funny, was just thinking we have just had the Easter season. Starting with Ash Wednesday. A 40 day journey. That number 40 keep re-occurring in things I am doing or experiencing more pronounced at present than I have ever actually noticed.

I thought about it just after New Year. Years with a 2 as last figure somehow stimulate more actively ( not that I have moments where I don't remember- just even more so) my memories of my life as a wife and mum. It was april 1972 that I heard the receptionist from the doctor say, " your test results are positive. You are pregnant". Unbelievable, 40 years ago I was pregnant! Forty years ago I was preparing to become a mum. What a privilege and honour. I was to have a child, love it, raise it feed, cloth and nurture it. I recall being over awed. I even rang the receptionist back and asked her to repeat the test results. She asked " aren't you happy about that?" I hadn't planned to be pregnant, but I was ECSTATIC! I did a Glee dance, couldn't get the smile off  my face and dived into my room to " be happy on my own".

Keeping it a secret was hard. But Bruce was in Wellington and I needed to speak to him before anyone else. Only that was to take a couple of weeks. I was bursting with excitement. I was also nauseous. Mum kept telling me to go to a doctor to see what the problem was. I couldn't keep my food down and she thought I looked " sipped". I told her I was a healthy as could be and there was nothing to worry about.

After telling Bruce we decided we needed time to work out how to "sort ourselves out before telling the parents." I flew to Wellington for the Easter weekend of 1972. We stayed in Upper Hutt in the house of a friend. There we discussed the options- and there were a couple. Our decision:  We would marry. 

We drove back to Auckland via Napier ( Tutira) so we could tell Bruce's mum and step father Roly. Then onward to Auckland. The reactions were, well what would be typical, nothing really. The reactions were the result of who people were at that point in time. A complete mixture of emotions. Happy, confused, bit mad at me of course, disappointed, muddled. Anyway the night had given everyone time for those reactions a place to go. At breakfast all clear headed, dates were set and plans were made. The practical side took over! Planning, that is what we do. We are good at it. Been doing it forever.

Bruce had to return to Wellington so I had the whole task of arranging the wedding. Not big but still a happy occasion. Different than I had always thought it would be, but then, I hadn't planned anything really. What a tumultuous time. A mix match of emotions. What an incredible time it was.

Wow, 40 years ago I was pregnant!!

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