Thursday, 26 April 2012

Oh my, just realised. It's Thursday. Must be creating a habit to write in my BLOG on a Thursday.... yes, with the odd exception.

Last night I displayed the pots and a laptop with a Powerpoint presentation at the local garden centre. What a great night it was. People were genuinely interested. Gave me even more confidence I am doing the right thing. I myself believe in the product. I don't want to convince people to buy, but do want them to see for themselves what an advantage it would be to have healthy plants by caring for them in a more efficient way. Not only was it a great night for me, the sales weren't too bad for the garden centre either. So a win win night.

And now... how further? What really bugs me is the lack of cohesiveness in communication. When I receive a message, txt, mail or whatever I respond with either a complete answer or a acknowledgement with promise to " get back asap". Not everyone seems to think along those lines. Appalling that firms leave their clients " dangling" like fish on a hook. Have just written actually re-written my actions list. Am no longer going to accept being powdered off. Answers NOW! or at least an acknowledgment of contact made. Still, there are sadder things in this world. What am I going on about! This is nonsense given all that life has in store for me.

Like hearing that oom Wim has bowel cancer. Rather advanced so I hear. Hopefully the medical expertise is such that a good programme for treatment is attainable and he will once again survive such an attack on his body. Oom Wim's stomach was removed a number of years ago - round 1997-98. He has been a picture of health since ( as he was before that too).

Oom Wim, an uncle every child ought to have the privilege of having. What a sweetie. No nonsense, fun, serious, sober, logical, easy going, serious, lover of life and devote husband and father. Dearly loved opa! Oh oom Wim, I pray that the road you have to follow is one without pain. That the solution close at hand is and achievable. You were such a support to me 2 years ago when Mitchell died. You were here to hold me, comfort me, keep my feet on the ground. Yet you were compassionate and gentle. How I appreciated your comforting arms around me and soothing words.

I know, people die, people age, life throws curves. Some people live to the ripe old age of 100 or there abouts - and some don't even make it to double figures. I know there is a time for everyone to let go, to leave this world and join our maker in Heaven. It is so hard to let those close go! I want you with us for a lot longer yet. Selfish yes, a natural reaction yes. Prayers answered, who knows!

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