Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday- Easter weekend 2012

What an awesome start to our day. A blue sky, frosty lawns, no breeze and a bright sun. Almost picture perfect. Since my return home I still feel a bit at a loss on Good Friday.

Years and years I attended all the Easter ceremonies held in our church, no matter what parish we were part of. Now I don't " belong"  to any parish and don't attend any ceremonies. I do however now create my own ceremonies.

Leen and I don't work on those days for instance. We take time to be together, do "muddle about"  at home but certainly not lawn mowing style chores or the like. You could call Good Friday a sober sort of day, but certainly not dull or gloomy.

For a number of years now Leen ( and I) are responsible for the distribution of 44 Hart Foundation Collection boxes. That is quite a task. Not only do we ensure the collection boxes are assembled and address labelled, we also organise all the envelopes and deliver door to door to the volunteers that spread the envelopes and the other volunteers who do the collecting. That's 88 doors on which to knock!  We have had our numbers cut ( thankfully I may add) to 24. It was a HUGE task- which now has been reduced to a manageable task.Tomorrow morning Leen will deliver the envelopes for the pre-run and next Thursday we will deliver the collection boxes.

Doing this on Good Friday felt good! Spending time thinking about those who have heart/health problems. Spending time remembering those who died due to heart problems like my tante Alie who was far too young and left young teenagers without a mum. Thinking about those who lost their partner, parent, child or friend. Also thinking about all those working with heart patients, those seeking solutions for problems with heart problems. Everything to do with this subject must have crossed my mind.

The task was complete before I was finished " thinking". And why now on Good Friday- well the collection is always held in the same week - Easter weekend moves annually. Hearts keep beating - or not -  every day!

Yes, I think today is HEART day. An appropriate subject for GOOD FRIDAY!!

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