Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday morning. A weather pattern that would fit any season. Sun, heavy black clouds, breezy. Water fowls building nests, mother duck with 8 ducklings learning how to swim and the turtle who decided to find a spot in the sun and out of the wind on a wee platform. I have the privilege of working in a  purely unique environment. Don't you just hate that!

I had a visit from a rep just an hour or so ago with a quote. I needed a price for the plastic lables for the pots. They need translating and making. The translating is fine.... got that covered. Got a bit of a shock at the price though. Still if I was to order 20,000 they are pretty affordable although a huge cut out of my budget.

Slowly but surely the business is taking shape, things are moving gradually to a firm base on which I can proceed to larger waters. Getting to a stage where you have to take a plunge, make firm decisions and stand your ground. Not scarey but definitely with a sense of (healthy) tension. Had a couple fo sleepless nights recently what with one thing and another. Then on the second morning a solution was presented... after lots of prayers about it. I truly am blessed and I so believe that I am doing the right thing and am sure the product can stand up to the scrutiny and competion from more inferior types of pot.

Have a stand at the garden centre tomorrow evening so I can introduce the pot to potential buyers. I have a questionaire for them to fill in so I can gauge interest and start people thinking. Funny thing - you can almost see the plants grow.

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