Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New horizons

I just looked out of my window and lo and behold- a sight not seen for some time. BLUE sky! It is tragic really that I allow the weather to occasionally influence my day. Not to the point I get shirty about it, but it does somehow manage to infiltrate into my daily doings from time to time.

It is Tuesday. I am trying to get my head around the new routine I have found myself to be in. Now that I have totally finished with the NEW ADVENTURE ( sadly enough) I am trying to set my goals on other activities and also shape my future as to where to from here? and where is my income going to come from next?

Let me explain: A year ago friends from New Zealand popped in for a visit. It was awesome. We nattered, caught up and shared some great times together. During this time I explained I wanted to leave teaching. Not straight away, but was searching for ' something'  challenging and new. This is how I became involved with a new project and a possibility to earn my income doing something I enjoyed and be in charge of my own destiny. This was May 2011. In October I took up the challenge and proceeded to do all the things one must to to become self employed, gather information, do research and keep in constant contact with the person I intended to do doing business with. After 6 months of giving it my all- disappointment awaited me.

Not all things work out how one sets out to do. And this was one of those moments and unrealised dreams. So shattering, disillusioning. Still, after a wee while if wallowing in self pity and being hugely angry and sad, I regrouped and picked up my life once again.

I feel like I am in a candy store. So much choice, so many talents, so many directions. I love photography, writing and cooking to mention a few talents I do recognise that I already have and could develop further. I am also not adverse to cleaning, checkouts or other work.

It is really hard ( for me just now) to get a true picture of what and how. And let's face it - the negativity that surrounds the world as far as the economy is concerned doesn't help either. Doom and gloom scenarios are everywhere. I wish people wouldn't let themselves be so influenced by it. If you are a hard worker, know how to live within your budget and dare to LIVE, then all will be well with the world. Share with others, don't hog your time and talent for yourself. We are in this world together - so then... share the load!

Today I am making lists, summing up my possibilities and trying to clear my head. I have been doing a lot of thinking about what 'suits' me as a person. I am open to anything ( within reason) and especially something that helps make a difference.

So, before the week is out I aim to have a clear picture and definite goal.

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