Monday, 30 July 2012

Sharing memories

Well , who would have thought I would be away this long? Not that I haven't been writing, just not here in my diary of happenings and experiences.

Leen and I went away for a few days. We needed the break and the weather looked promising. A few days away in the MG, roofless through the countryside all the way to Koblenz, Germany. There we met up with some friends and spent some time with them before journeying on home and to oom Teun's farewell.

I was to speak on behalf of the Fijnekam side of the family. But also because I wanted to pay tribute to this lovely man. And speak I did. I had prepared the not too long a talk whilst away. Mailed it and it was received warmly on the day.....

It was a lovely summer's day. There were many local people ( Alblasserdam is a small township and he had lived there his whole life). Those not present were on holiday, some unaware their uncle, friend or neighbour had died whilst they were away. It is summer after all.

How respectfully and well did the boys speak of their father. They honoured him gently, appropriately and not too overdone. Their dad wouldn't have liked that. How beautiful was the poem daughter Hennie wrote about her dad and who he was for her. You could call it a psalm-. There were no prayers said, yet the whole cervice was one of prayer. Of gratitude for the man he had been, for thankfulness that he was ' at peace'.  There was music - a God given gift to those who used it to give pleasure to those who could appreciate listening. Songs of beauty, of splendour.

The children guided their mother through this ritual of farewell with compassion, care, and thoughfulness. It was a serene, touching and fitting farewell.

Oom Teun has met his Maker, and we have waved him on, letting go.

Now all must pick up the pieces and carry on without him present but forever in our hearts.

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