Monday, 23 July 2012

Rest in Peace oom Teun

This is the third morning in a row I am enjoying the sunshine om my arms sitting typing away on my computer. How promising is that? Summer hasn't forgotten us after all.

Last Thursday afternoon we went to visit Leen's oom Teun. We had heard that all wasn't well with him - an octogenrian who had led a full life and in the past couple of years had paid the price of aging with health issues. We had been on occasional visits with months in between. Last family day he wasn't able to be present as his condition had deteriorated that much he was house bound. I missed his presence on that day as he was a cheery man, not talkative but a happy presence where ever he showed himself.

R.I.P oom Teun
After a phone call from tante Bertha to say we were welcome that afternoon, we called in. As we expected it was to be a final visit, a farewell- when we would leave the house we realised we wouldn't see oom again.

The visit went really well. Oom had been 'moved'  into a bedroom on his own. A 24hour nurse was present and the daughter of the house, Leen's cousin had also arrived. After some updated chitchat we went to see uncle Teun. How wonderful to have had this moment - how awesome to have shared minutes of his final hours... we weren't to know he would go so soon!

Precious moments. Caring moments.

As we drove home - sort of sad, sort of resigned I said to Leen I wanted to pray for oom Teun. I prayed aloud " Lord take him home, release him from his agony." This prayer was on my lips and in my heart for the next couple of days. Sons Jan en Gert with their wives went to see him, grandchildren called in.... all realising that their father, father in law and opa wouldn't be with them much longer.

The 24 hour nurse wasn't needed long term. Oom Teun died peacefully Sunday morning. At home like he wanted. Amongst those he loved.

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