Monday, 14 January 2013

2013: May it bring peace, joy, happiness and many blessings to all

At present I am sitting at my desk in my wee office trying to concentrate on the jobs at hand. I had a to-do list I want to complete and I am doing quite well. Only right now I am being distracted. It is snowing lightly outside. AWESOME! My day started pretty early and it is getting dark already, quite early in fact. I am having some ' down tools time'.

That's when I start thinking. Mulling things over in my mind. About family, friends, work, appointments, check FB messages.
I just finished parcelling up a package for New Zealand. Four dresses for my 4 granddaughters- meant for Christmas. They didn't get sent in time due to pa's illness and subsequent death. Needing all the time and energy to arrange his farewell. I fleetingly thought of getting them away before New Year- didn't happen. So they are now ready to be sent along with some nick- nak oma stuff.

Mij husband and his brother are at the house, dissembling some shelving and the like. I did n't feel the need to go. Needed some ' down time' for myself. Just doing the normal daily things like dusting, small errands, to the bank, enjoying a quiet cuppa on my own.

No, I am not depressed or anything. Truly. Actually I think I am doing rather well all things considered. I have some new ideas to develop, a new challenge is burbling to the surface. My energy level is returning to normal. Bring it on.......!

The New Year of 2011 didn't start particularly well either. My mum died just after the New Year set in at 01:05. Took some time to find my feet that year.  In 2012 Christmas wasn't a happy time. Still, I understand the rythme of life only too well. It is 2013 and I aim to meet the challenges, commit myself to my work for  A-plus Products , my own company. My goal is to pour energy into those things I value most. My faith, family, friends and business. It is my intention to set aside some time to design and develop a new project. All exciting stuff.

There is so much to learn. That in itself is a challenge. My husband uses his computer for work because he has to. I use the computer because I love to. I want to achieve more independence by learning more of the ins and outs. By attempting things I learn lots- by asking for advice and assistance, I learn even more.

It hasn't escaped me that I am a truly blessed person. The talents I have been given I want to develop further. To share with others what I know. I am looking forward to all that 2013 holds. January has reached it's mid-day already. Time stands still for no one although it sometimes feels like it does.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I am keen to get on with life!


  1. Go girl go :) Nothing better for a fresh start than a fresh new year...

  2. Your support and faith in me does me good my friend. Thank you!