Thursday, 7 February 2013

Disbelief- anguish and the WHY question

I haven't been writing on my BLOG of late. Not because I cannot think of a subject- I have plenty of varied material to write about. It is mainly because my thoughts keep drifting off to pa's death. Of missing him, and many say " that's a natural emotion- part of the grieving process".

I'm fully aware of life's cycle, of age and the natural process of life. It was as it should be. And that isn't always the case.

Last night an Amber Alert was sent out for a 13 year old boy who disappeared while delivering pamphlets. The alert was retracted this morning - not because he had been found safe and well, NO what was presumed to be his body was found. This morning his mother was informed that a body had been found and she should prepare herself for the fact that her son may be DEAD!


I am sure the family are guided and supported- in fact I trust completely that this is so. It just shouldn't be necessary. This should never have happened.

There is a new angel in Heaven - so what! I am glad there is a Heaven for him to be in - where there is no violence or pain - but this doesn't rhyme with life's cycle.

A young boy, who still had so much of life's lessons in store, falling in love, graduating, getting his driver's licence, buying a house, having a family, enjoying summer vacations - to mention a few! Things many take for granted- he was robbed of all that the moment his life ended so prematurely. Not to mention all those who love him wil have to miss him in their lives too!

There has been no communication as to how he died. Maybe he had an accident?? Maybe someone is responsible? Funnily enough I tend for the latter. That's because the world we live in is becoming more and more violent every day. Life no longer appears to be deemed as valuable.

I will offer prayers for all those involved. I cannot change the situation, I can but offer my deepest sympathies and prayerful support! It is what something which I can do.

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