Monday, 11 February 2013

Sunday: A day of rest

It is pretty chilly outside today. A good time to be sitting somewhere warm and comfortable with a warm chocolate at hand.

Teeny tiny snow flakes are fluttering past my window. There is a breeze, temperature just on zero and last night's light snowfall has frozen to a crunchy carpet. What a difference to yesterday.

Sunday, a day to reflect, to rest, to enjoy family and friends. To be in touch with God and His creation. Everyone has their own way of " doing Sunday'. Everyone has their own idea how one ' should'  experience a Sunday. Many have various ways of celebrating their Sundays.

We started our day with a Sunday breakfast. A lingering at the table, soft boiled egg sort of event. Taking time to wake, to spend time together and quietly kick start the day. Music in the background- of a very Sunday nature. Classical, church, organ or guitar sort of music.

Time for reading. A book, THE book, literature of choice. In the quite of the moment. The sun was out, the room was filled with warmth and the invitation to go outside hung in the air.

So we accepted the invitation and went! Snowfall had coloured our world white- with some parts of the country whiter than white. We drove towards the white- Utrecht! We ended up in a Park where a monument to the French presence in the Netherlands had been built, the Pyramide van Austerlitz. Now I have to admit to missing this part of the history lesson- so learnt a thing yesterday! The French were here.... 1795 - 1813. Anyway, this has become a tourist attraction and popular walking address for many, as we discovered yesterday.

The snowfall in Woudenberg was heavier than at home. We had a lovely walk, enjoyed a bowl of our national SNERT ( pea soup) and later on a warm cuppa.

We decided not to take the highway home. Drove through the lovely countryside slowly leaving the snow behind us. Once home we turned the central heating back on and settled down with some cheese, paté and a glass of port.

What a lovely way to spend this much needed day of rest, this day we used to enjoy that which He created for us to enjoy, nurture and respect.

I enjoy Mondays. Gives me time to reflect on a perfect Sunday!

Thank you God for scheduling a day of rest!

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