Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Just a little more patience

Almost, but not quite.

Spring hasn't yet sprung but it is on it's way.
Slowly but surely small green sprigs are appearing. Tiny bulb heads are showing themselves. The snowdrops are gently nodding their heads in the light breeze. Slowly but surely the cold ground is yielding to the tiny rays of sun which occasionally kisses the earth. An earth which has been covered with snow, frost, icy rain drops and cold winds these past few months.

I didn't intend to work in the garden today. But unexpectedly the opportunity presented itself. I started clearing away the  remnants from autumn. I gently weeded round the new sprouts of spring and enjoyed seeing the change my garden was experiencing. I don't have a huge garden, but still, there was plenty of it. I realised to clear the task in one hit was just a too big an ask. Yet I felt compelled to complete it. Pushing myself I went on - till Mother Nature stepped in and said ' enough already, time to stop'. I was so grateful. I cleaned my garden tools, stripped myself of my gardening gear and enjoyed a much deserved coffee.

I noticed the past few months that I am not being able to keep myself going long enough to finalise a task. This is new for me. Sure we all have that at times... an occasional low battery - but this has been happening a bit too often. I ask myself why am I experiencing ' that feeling' on a regular basis of late?

And not only the physical tasks like ironing, gardening, in the kitchen - but I cannot concentrate on my reading, writing, meditating and even working on my creative diaries.

When I was working in the garden today and saw the tiny bulbs popping up through the hard soil I kind of wondered whether that's how the bulbs felt. They wanted to complete their task but couldn't quite go the distance. That they needed to just be a little more patient, that all would be well. The temperatures aren't warm enough yet to help these beauties to
' shine'. That they would succeed in their task to bloom, to show off their grandeur- but not just yet! That the sun's rays would soon energize them enough to complete their transformation. Just be a little more patient.

As for me, well I too need to be a bit more patient. I am a four seasons person. I do LOVE winter. I too will recharge my batteries when I receive some more energy when the sun's rays gather their strength. I am keen, keen to see the colours explode, to enjoy the rebirth of the earth in all it's splendour. Newness! I am looking forward to the transformation, just as much as I enjoyed the stillness of the snow.

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