Sunday, 12 May 2013

Ascension Thursday

Many say 'bolderdash' to Mother's day and that is their good right. Those that don't want to highlight that day probably don't want to celebrate birthdays either. Again, their good right. I am someone who upholds celebrations and days of remembrance. Not that I need one day in particular to remember someone or something, but to concentrate on that someone or event is done out of respect.

This past weekend was Ascension Thursday- a public holiday and long weekend for many, not for all!
I am also not sure whether people still know for what event this day is remembered.

For the past 15 years, friends have taken to opportunity to share this day, and due to my relationship with Leen I joined their ranks. It was a one day event - but Leen and I joined Harry and Hinriette at their camping the day prior and stayed one day after the event as well.

After the first couple of years in a small tent for 3 nights I asked Leen, why don't we come with the caravan? And so it transpired. From then on we all turned Ascension Thursday into a 5 day event in which the whole group of friends settles in at camping ground De Paardekreek in Kortgene.

Generally fine weather wise, with the past couple of years unsettled, this year abominable. Still we are grateful for small mercies and were able to BBQ twice during this long weekend in reasonable circumstances.

I am not aware of everyone's motivation or thought behind 'celebrating' this festive day in this way. I just know that to be together as friends, who stick by each other in good times and bad - can't be a bad thing. I hope we can share this time together in years to come.

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