Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Wow, I made it! I am 60 years old

Well, I made it. I have reached the ripe age of 60. Young at heart and loving life to the full.

As the weather conditions don't allow for a garden party, we elected to have a shed party, placing the pop up party tent and caravan as extensions. I can use the caravan as kitchen and there is space for the younger children to sit at the table and draw ow whatever, should they wish to do so.

To have my children and grandchildren present I added their photos on the wall. Three flags grace the walls, my dutch and frisian roots and my Kiwi connection, the silver fern. It took some doing between showers but the scene is set, the preparations are done and I am all set to welcome our guests.

Gradually everyone dribbles in- and the atmosphere is lighthearted and amiable. Many of our friends, a mixture from all angles, have one thing in common- they all 'mix' well. The shed was filled with chatty voices telling their stories, mingling and mixing well- making it's own kind of music.

The smell of fresh coffee, the sweetness of the cakes and tempting nibbles also filled the air. Lights and the heater warmed the air. I was overwhelmed by the generously filled envelopes and gifts that kept pouring in. All present knew what my children had proposed, and in their way they helped by gifting spending money to be used for the holiday we were to undertake in October.

The party itself being held on Monday the 20th of May, being a public holiday- and allowing us all to raise our glasses at midnight- when the date showed 21 May on the clock and calendar both here and Down Under.

The food I had prepared went down extremely well, I had catered for them all in abundance still there was little left to clean up at the end of the night. The beer, wine and soft drinks flowed freely adding to the festive atmosphere.

The phone went exactly at midnight, and as I went to answer it fireworks exploded outside. I got one heck of a fright- and the whole company roared with laughter. Someone had sneakily let off fireworks literally BANG on midnight.

What a party, what fun, what love surrounded me- keeping me form wallowing in missing my children at this very moment more than ever.

"Never mind- October will be here soon enough. Start preparing mum", Toni said! And I aim to.

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