Monday, 6 May 2013

Dearest sister

It was the 5th of the 5th 1950 the day you were born and became your parents', Jan en Johanna, eldest daughter. I still have a couple of photos of you and Peter, our older brother. Jou were as pretty as a picture with those blond curls and smiley face. It took 3 years till I was born when you became my older sister. I was the second daughter.

And then there were 3
We shared a room together. I had a small twin bed against the wall of our parents bedroom. You slept under the window. During the winter months you crept into bed beside me due to the ice flowers on the window- it was so cold then without central heating. I remember times when you wanted to test whether or not I was asleep. You would pinch my nose closed till I gasped for air. Just a childhood prank. Quite natural behaviour for siblings.

As my older sister, it was often your responsibility to watch out for me. Especially seeing we went to school by train and had to walk a distance from the railway station. We had an ok relationship - you were my sister, and that was that. No nonsense. We behaved like the average family with 4 children, in fun, friendship, teasing and irritating each other as we grew up and found our way in life as children do.
Family pose

I remember how proud you were when I ' grew up and became a woman'. I also remember you opening your home to mum, baby brother and me when we returned to New Zealand. You were about to give birth to your first born. Very generous.

Together we started our families. It was always a bubbly busy time when we visited our parents together.

We shared many experiences in life. Unfortunately our relationship stranded many years ago. It continues to cause me grief and I miss having a sister. I miss sharing chit chats about our grandchildren, how I would have loved sharing those with you. I would have loved to meet your husband and visited you at your home. I would so have loved to.......

A grandchildren's
visit to oma and opa's place
What cannot be altered, and I am glad it can't be, is that we ARE sisters.

Dearest sister, I love you. Today is your birthday and I think back on our times together. Who knows what the future holds for us. I live in that hope!

All my love,
Your only sister

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