Monday, 30 June 2014


I appear to have difficulty in a 'come back' after the contents of some of my blogs- like the last one- about Mitchell.

Because, not only does one have sad and heart wrenching events in one's life - also happy heart warming ones. And stepping from one to the other creates a sort of distance and barrier in me.

I have finally overcome this hurdle and today - I am going to write about something more lighthearted.

A post on Facebook by a friend prompted me to react. It read " Wonderful visit to the university of technology at Eindhoven- very interesting e- textiles r& d" ( a one- dayer in my country of birth) and in a reflex I reacted to this post!

This message was posted by a former primary school classmate of mine from the 1960s. The last time we saw each other was in fact at the end of the school year of 1966 in Auckland - New Zealand. My family and I were to return to Nederland after the birth of my youngest brother. He had health issues and my parents wanted to ' go home'. They needed family support, a language they were more comfortable with and the future of my brother's health was uncertain. 
They chose to leave New Zealand and go 
back to familiar territory.

So here I am, having had my first few years primary in Arnhem - Nederland, then continued my education in Auckland - New Zealand, only to pick up where I left off and start a new (teenage) period in Leeuwarden, my father's home town.

My time at St Theresa's Catholic Primary School in Mt Roskill took a wee while to become settled. After arriving in Auckland - NZ in June 1961 I had attended Holy Cross in Henderson- our adjustment period, Christ the King school in Owairaka ( rental home) to then land in Hillsborough after my parents bought a home to settle in.

As you can imagine - this was a pretty difficult period for us all. I can only mention how it affected me. And I was shell shocked. It took some time to find my feet - and the people involved in that period made all the difference. Some names stuck - not always because of the positives but oh well .....!

After finding my feet at St Theresa's I finally started feeling at home. The classmates were very pleasant over all and soon friendships formed. Having had so many changes I was apprehensive. How long would I be at this school?

Then mum became pregnant and that gave a sense of security. Only it didn't pan out like that. Baby brother was born in September 1966 and it appeared he had some serious health problems.

So back we went ( bar my oldest brother). Back to family and friends, a language that was familiar and a future that was uncertain.

Once again I left friends behind - and there was NO Facebook, Internet or texting. Letter writing didn't happen.

After the launch of the website for classmates to find each other, contact was made with one of two school friends.

- I now have the opportunity to meet up with this 'old' classmate after 48 years! and I am SOOOOO looking forward to this chance of a lifetime.

She will be back in October for whole week. Must be a window of opportunity there for sure, how great is THAT!? What a prospect!


  1. How exciting that you get to meet your friend again! That is indeed a treat. Hope you enjoy your time together. :)

    1. Oeps, almost pressed DELETE, when I wanted to REPLY!
      Karen, I will post a record of the meeting after the event! It is truly a gift.

  2. I'm so happy for you, Anita, that you've re-connected with this former classmate. How lovely for you both!

    1. Jeanette, I am indeed extremely lucky and blessed. This was a most formative period in my life and a treat like this is precious to me. Now just pray it comes to pass... I will follow up on this.