Wednesday, 11 June 2014

All revealed.....

Yesterday was a bit of a down sort of day - Discouraging as I recall. And for some reason I couldn't put my finger on the reason.... it came out of the blue.

After every shower- the clouds disperse and the sun gets it's chance to shine. And, as the law of nature will have it - this morning the sun came out and yes, it took a while but I started to appreciate it again.

The thing is, just like a young child who is a bit cranky and whiney for a couple of days - for no apparent reason you can fathom - Then you discover the red splotches and you realise oh he / she is coming down with the measles/chickenpox to name a couple of childhood illnesses.
So it was with me. For some reason - my day yesterday turned to lumpy custard without any rhyme, warning or reason which I could fathom. Until........

I knew what the date was - been gunning for it since the month of June started. The dreaded 11th. But somehow - the spots didn't show so the knowledge eluded me. Till, I made contact with my son, daughter in law and their two sons in Australia.

Today, 4 years ago Mitchell was killed in a horrific road accident. Just 17 years old!!! 
A son, brother, grandson, nephew, friend never again to be held, cared for, nurtured.

Gone from our midst - oh ever so abruptly.
Gone, but not forgotten.

I want to share this piece my son wrote:

I close my eyes,
Think maybe if I pray hard enough...
Everything will be okay.
I'll open my eyes,
And you'll be smiling down on me.
Maybe if I wish hard enough...
The last four years will just disappear,
And you'll be here.
Laughing with me just like before.
Everything like its always been,
Not all this pain,
Here as if it could replace you,
As if I could ever be the same.
Miss you each and every day Mitch xxx

Always in our hearts - Rest peacefully darling, rest in peace.

 feb 2010 - photo made during my visit

Mitchell 11-06-2010 ( R.I.P.)

Dip days are OK - we all will at some stage have one ( or more) the thing is
- The sun does come out again -
For you and me!


  1. Dip days are okay Anita... sure. And the suns does come out again. Blessings and thank you for sharing this sad and at the same time beautiful part of your life.

  2. OH, how horrible for you, Anita! I am sorry for this tragedy in your family. May the Lord comfort you as only He can.

  3. So sorry for your loss, Anita. What a challenge - so thankful you have the Lord to help you through.

    Certain dates are a challenge for me as well. My Mom passed away in March of 2010, and my younger sister in November of the same year. Memories are bittersweet, but God is faithful, isn't He?

    Blessings and hugs,

    1. Karen, we are certainly challenged when confronted with such sad times, especially when they follow so closely.
      My mum died 1:01 after midnight (1-1-2011) just months after Mitchell and in the June my youngest son became a dad for the second time. What a turmoil. How can one be happy AND sad at the same time? I too am SO glad for GOD in my life! No knowing what a state I might have ended up in without His love.

      Sending loving thoughts your way