Tuesday, 10 June 2014

It happens to the best of us.....


I am not too ashamed to admit it! I get discouraged. And on a regular basis. When things turn to lumpy custard on me - my resolve enthusiasm and positive outlook take a dive!

The past few years I have been working on minimising this phenomena. This human trait I wish I didn't posses. But it is here, I struggle with it and it annoys me that I fall into its trap time and again.

Today I started with renewed enthusiasm and resolve on my list of tasks which are waiting for me, begging for completion. To get the 'DONE TICK'. With gusto I tackled one (small) job after another. The day was starting to look even beter than good - and then the rain came! There are projects that are very important to me- they need my time and energy. To get to the big jobs - I need to get the little ones out of the way. That's the way I operate.

I know, I know so what! Rain is important too. Can't argue with that. And yes, I have indoor tasks as well. This might all sound very petty - DISCOURAGEMENT strikes on the (my) BIG jobs too. 

The projects, the activities that are bigger than the sorting out of the stuff in the attic or weeding the garden, or mending the clothes. 

DISCOURAGEMENT strikes in the workplace, in marriages, in family relationships - in LIFE!

I try not to let 'it' get to me. I pick up- dust off and re-boot. DISCOURAGEMENT can drain all the energy out of me if I was to let it.


I am going to recharge my batteries, I am going to take the necessary steps to ignite my enthusiasm and get on with the tasks that need my attention.

And funnily enough, today when I felt myself gently slipping, losing grip so to speak - I received a mail. A weekly newsletter. You'll NEVER GUESS what the topic on my screen was....!

Bet that made you smile!

There are pearls of wisdom to be found everywhere - I am going to pluk the necessary gems and make them mine.

Oh guess what? The rain stopped!


  1. I get discouraged sometimes too. One thing I do to snap out of it is to count my blessings. I have nothing to complain about ever, and I need to remember that. I also track down what I am thinking about, for this often leads to discouragement too. Then I work to replace those thoughts with scripture or something I know the Lord would prefer that I meditate on.

    1. Karen, I too am an extremely blessed and grateful person. Was good to get this Blog content off my chest. Funny, all these 'normal' people experiences. We all have them- yet there are (tiny) moments when one feels 'alone'. Prayer and meditation help me as well to get back on track, knowing Rome wasn't built in a day. Thanks for the supportive comments. Very heartwarming and helpful.


  2. You don'nt need copliments Anita your unieke! Be proud off your self!!!

    1. Mieke, there are days and then there are days. I am extremely blessed and happy with who I am and what I can and have accomplished. Sometimes- just sometimes I let my (un) mood take over. Thanks for visiting my Blog- love hearing from you, you're a great friend keeping me alert!