Sunday, 7 December 2014

Advent week II - Thankful

Sunday the second week of Advent 

Last week I started the Advent blog with the theme Preparation - young first time mothers.

It kept me pretty well engaged all week - with snippets here and there including during my prayer for these young mums and the uncertain future many face.

This week I want to concentrate on being THANKFUL

Here in Nederland we have just had the feest of Sinterklaas ( Saint Nicholas )

Our national celebration has been tainted by the recent upsurge and focus on the possible implications of racism. How this saintly man would cringe if he was aware of the furore his birthday now causes. Anyway, I digress......

The presents have been store, broken, hidden or swapped, the decorations stashed for another year and today a new day...! Out of sight out of mind.

This led me to think about being thankful AFTER the event. How quickly one picks up the daily routines after being on the receiving end of gifts, attention or whatever focus one has received.

How much effort and time do I put into being THANKFUL for all I have and am able to do?

So, this week my goal is to concentrate on being THANKFUL for just BEING.

Thankful for living the life I lead.

Thankful for the loving people I meet and enhance my life.

Thankful for the love I receive and am able to give.

Thankful I was able to watch THE most amazing sunrise this morning.

Thankful I have a warm bed to sleep in.

Thankful for the freedom to say - I BELIEVE.

Thankful that I feel free to write my thoughts for others to read.

Thankful for my sense of humour.

Thankful for my energy and enthusiasm for life.

Thankful that I am blessed with 3 beautiful children and their partners.

Thankful for the love of grandchildren.

Thankful for the strength to carry burdens heavy and light.

Thankful for the guidance.

I take responsibility for the fact that I don't stop and think to say THANKS often enough for my life and all it entails.

This week - I say THANK YOU to God. 

For life, for love for family and friends and for all the ME that I NEED to BE.

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