Sunday, 21 December 2014

Advent: Week IV - It is getting closer

Well, here we are, the 4th Sunday in Advent.

And where am I in the preparations? At this point in time my home and it's contents are in disarray. In a matter of days we will be leaving this home for another one - leaving neighbours who will then be friends to visit. Starting somewhere new - looking for permanence knowing that nothing in life is.

We aim to make this our ' last move' with the intention of spending the years we have left, at this address, surrounded by those who will become our new neighbours, of whom some will become friends.

During the past three weeks whilst sanding, painting, scraping, wallpapering and shopping I have been very conscious of this Advent Season. Not only because I chose to focus AND write about the subject from my point of view - but watching, hearing and experiencing people's activities around me. Their preparations, hectic lives and diaries. Rushing here and there like busy ants - gathering, organising, planning their up and coming festivities.

What was a re-occurring subject however was: the 'lost' contact with someone they loved, cared for and who had been a part of their lives. Be it a brother, sister, parent, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, neighbour or friend. Someone they had fallen out with for whatever reason. This person missing from the card list, table and home.

I too have lost the friendship and love of someone close. To this day - it continues to niggle, stab, unsettle and cause sadness and unrest in my body. It is an indescribable missing you feeling.

How to bridge the gap? There have been attempts - to no avail. DO I try again?

I bring you PEACE - let PEACE be with you - are Jesus' words to us ALL. 

In homes, families, at work, school, on the playground, in clubs and neighbourhoods, in villages and cities, in countries - PEACE be with US ALL.

How to bring about this peace I miss? I will reach out with a Christmas Peace message of:





and pray it will be received in the spirit of the season.

Is their someone you miss, or want back in your life? Now might just be that moment..... let these next few days give you the encouragement to reach out - not looking at who is responsible for the break - but looking to bridge that gap and healing the relationship.

Imagine that there is PEACE in the hearts of ALL - Oh just IMAGINE.

Wishing all my readers every blessing this Yuletide season of 


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