Sunday, 14 December 2014

Advent: Week III - feast day is nearing

The past two weeks I have focussed on issues relating to pregnancy, young mothers, life, gratitude and the like. All things one can mindfully 'do'.

Seems to me, that preparation in the actual physical sense is also an important aspect of any special event - so this week I want to include a focus on that.

Onze again a list of things come to mind. To celebrate something it seems obvious that this is done in the company of family and friends. For many the tradition is so set in concrete that the preparations are almost done mechanically like any well oiled routine. The menu is set, the guests are known, the place setting at the table always the same and the decorations familiar to all.

For others it can be a challenge - parents and in laws alternating between Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Do we GO there or do they COME over? Memories of joy or friction keep minds actively remembering the past experiences. The influence on the preparations can be quite daunting or give your feet wings.

The physical preparations can help heighten the excitement - making the up and coming event visible. The planning of the menu, decorations, pre-baking and cooking, maybe purchasing a new outfit. Sending Christmas greetings to those near and far.

Then there is the down side for those struggling with issues.

Family friendships and feuds have their origins during this ' merry' season. For some the most stressful period - for others the highlight of their year. Not everyone looks forward to Christmas Day.

So this week - my prayer and thoughts go out to those struggling to get through this period - due to;

 Personal stress.

Realtionship tensions.

Too heavy a work load. 


Walking on a tightrope.

Financial worries.

Sad memories.

Missing loved ones.

The list could be longer - but enough to let you know - someone cares.

Despite the sadness and reasons for this pain, I pray that a ray of light will shine upon those households where darkness has descended.

This feast day - whether people are believers or not - has the potential to bring the JOY and PEACE we all seek and hold dear. Peace starts right here with me and I invite you to share your peace with those around you.


  1. Your words are all kindness and encouragement - your readers cannot help but come away inspired and uplifted. Thank you, Anita, for sharing this.

    Thank you also for sharing your heart in your comment on my blog. I knew part of the story from reading your blog, but it was nice to hear more details. Glad you came away with a bit of inspiration! Blessings to you and your family! :)

    1. Happy holidays to you and your family too Karen. Blessings and inspiration in abundance for 2015. Thanks for your presence on my page and the kind words. They encourage me enormously.