Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Time flies

...even when you are not having fun!

But in my case, it is all fun. Not simple, not without fatigue, down moments or pure dancing in the wind. But shifting has it's golden tint. Fresh and new we have started 2015 at our new address.

The boxes line the hallway and aren't all unpacked yet, the shelving in some cupboards haven't all be placed, the new set drawers for the bedroom is in a state of assembly, not ready for use however. Clothes still litter the floor.

View from  my office window
We have till Friday to empty the house of the rest of our belongings. We meet the buyers and Estate Agent there on Friday to do a 'check over' and read the meters. At 13:30 we hand over the key. Two weeks earlier than plannend. It suited both parties to shift the date forward. Did kinda stretch our capacity to stay afloat. But we coped, just.

January is in full swing and we are too. Today the technician arrived and installed internet. Our home is now 'connected' to the outside world. We have radio, tv, phone AND internet. We retired the old portable radio, decorated the wall with a flatscreen, booted up the computers and entered our codes for Internet. Hey bingo- it all worked. A few minor alterations and one hurdle to go - my printer can't find my computer - and we are airborne.

It excites me as well as unnerves me - this huge change in our situation. We have chosen for an apartment. Is this our 'last fase' we have entered into? You know, slowly letting go, that sort of thing. We are critical of the objects we save or discard. Who wants to find this or that once we are gone? Do we still need or will we read this or that? We have more nos' then yes'. Our space is a wee bit limited now - a house has more storage possibilities, a huge disadvantage for someone who develops sentimental value and showers it on gifts given, photos taken, dried flowers kept, baby toys nurtured and scrapbooks created. Have cupboard, loft or chest - will save! Oh danger danger!

Be gone.... you are no longer necessary or needed for 'later'. Yesterday I walked to a local primary school and left behind a few items I held dear from my teaching time. It sort of hurt and made happy at the same time. Hurt because I knew- no longer needed. Felt good because the teaching staff loved what I brough them for their students.

I need to 're-group'. Find my feet. A new schedule for the things that I need to do. It will take time to gather my wits and feel settled. Find a balance between work, home and play! But I will get there. The challenge is to keep sane, relaxed and calm in the process.

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