Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Week 1: 2015

The first week of - 2015 well underway.....

Wishing all my readers blessings in abundance, good health,  joys and laughter, and fortitude and wisdom for the less fun parts.

A clean slate.... A new beginning. And how will this year shape up for you?

Are you in the habit of setting goals, NY resolutions or take each day as it comes?

A few years ago I disciplined myself.... No commitments further that two weeks ahead. My diary had been nightmarishly full the previous years and I  had to disappoint people as I had booked myself up so far in advance that I sadly had to say no on quite a number of occasions for very special get togethers.

Once again, I have resolved to limit my engagements. It worked before, so is bound to again.

We have shifted home during this festive season. My aim is to 'get sorted' before Easter. A huge task believe you me! From a three level home to an apartment.

Writing routine to be re- installed, being very slap dash at present.

Wonder how my summing up - in December 2015 is going to shape up?

Happy days everyone....and see you again soon


  1. Hi Anita!

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year, filled with many blessings :-)

    1. Joys to you and thanks for dropping by Anita. Hope to see a lot of you in 2015