Friday, 31 July 2015


A change is as good as...What?

The saying goes " A change is as good as a holiday"!

How true is that?

or, " A change is as good as a rest"!


Are changes good?

Do we need change?

I read somewhere that we humans resist change!
( well maybe not everyone but many do anyway)

Why change?

We change our clothing styles, our hair colour, the interior of our homes, the schools we send our children to, the friends we see, the foods we eat, the religions we follow ( or don't- which is also a change), partners, habits.

We change our names, our countries of birth, our minds, our likes and dislikes, our opinions and long held beliefs, our health, our jobs.

If anyone swears to not ever having changed ( their personality) I would have trouble believing that.

We change in the way we look at the world, accepting or not, the changes we are confronted with.

When we want change - we are challenged. How to go about organising or implementing change?

Laws, rights and wrongs, world issues, society's values, inventions, medical possibilities.

I have evolved, survived many a changes. For the better or worse that remains a mystery - but survive and regroup I did.

When making choices to change - we need discernment and guidance! I too have experienced doubts and what if moments. The bigger the change the bigger the impact on me and my life.

One thing has stayed constant - I BELIEVE.

My belief has stayed the same only the how has been tinkered with, has grown and developed.

In the most positive way I may add.

I have grown. 
I have been strengthened. 
I have gained more knowledge. 
I have increased in confidence.

My world, as I experience it - is brighter, more powerful and more pleasing to be a part of WITH my faith. I cannot, truly CANNOT imagine being faithless - No God! Yikes... doesn't bear thinking about.

Does that mean my road is easier? That I travel without hitting bumps in the road? That bad things don't happen? That I don't have moments of hardship and trail.


It means I don't travel alone. It means I have help, I have support. That I can call upon God's wisdom and strength. That I can take a moment and listen to Him and feel His presence. That I KNOW I am being guided.

The doubts I may have - are mine alone. I can choose to go it alone or act upon the signs on my path.

Today, I want to just say - I am thankful for my parents who allowed me grow in faith and love.

That their example allowed for me to embrace the love for God whom they also held dear.

Do you have God in your life? Awesome!

If not - maybe IT IS time for a CHANGE!

What changes frighten you? What do you find hard to let go?
Before I started writing - All I got, was to write about the word CHANGE!

( check out this link for inspiration)

Just like I was prompted to write about it! 

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