Wednesday, 31 July 2013

About being oma- in waiting!

three times three is three times three!
My body is tense- a healthy tension I may add. Any day now I will become oma once again. Oh how thrilling. And the expectations of wanting to know- is it a boy or girl do keep me occupied, although the biggest and most important factor is - as long as all goes well and mother and child are healthy- then nothing else matters really.

Many years ago now- my son rang me and said " mum you ARE oma!". I knew he was in love and in a relationship- but to already BE an oma? What did he mean? Had I missed something? He did live overseas- I could have been kept in the dark. But no, the love of his life ( and still is to this day) already had two wee boys. He had lost his heart to her and them- and he now had a ready made family. I was THRILLED. Loved the idea and felt privileged. A few years later their relationship was blessed with a child together. In him I recognise his dad and also my dad. Family traits are a great connecting factor. It was to be their only child unfortunately... but they were a happy and complete family. Still, life does have more in store than births and joys. This family has had their burden and sadness to carry- and they do it together as one.

My daughter also has three lively, beautiful children of whom I am also rightly proud. A lovely bunch of bubbling personalities in which I recognise their mum when she was young. What a enriching time of life this is- being oma!

Will it be a she or a he?
All focus at present is on the third household- that of my youngest son and daughter in law. Within 3 years they have created a beautiful family with the  arrival of number three due any day. There two wee daughters, both as bubbly and energetic as their parents, aged 32 months and 14 months are wee cherubs. I wonder how they will react to the arrival of their brother or sister? No, we don't yet know what the gender awesome is that?

I can only guess at how hectic the lives of my son and daughter in law will be. I also had three children to raise but the space between the first two and the last one was huge compared to theirs. I had time to enjoy the cuddles, down times, gurgles and giggles. The older two were at school which gave me a huge freedom to enjoy those first baby years. We were also able to keep up the fun things with the older children as they were more independent.

Now that my children have their own families our relationship has taken on another deeper dimension. They now have an insight into me as a mum, not just their mum. Being a parent sheds light on ones own parents. Some traits are inherited, others discarded and others moulded to one's own personality. They raise their children 'their' way. It is touching to see how that evolves.

Not that I get to 'see'  it often. We live worlds apart- and my visits are sporadic not regular. But when I am there, we are intensely involved and I adore being part of their daily lives. Practical help I cannot give them due to the distance- but what I do do, is pray.

For a healthy baby, safe delivery, strength and health for the mum ( and dad), perseverance, gentleness and patience. I pray that this family may enjoy all the blessings and be spared great hardships. I pray for our impending visit and the chance to really be oma in the practical sense.

I pray too, that the birth won't be too far away. That we can all soon welcome this new family member with open arms and ample love!

Oooooh the expectations and anticipation!!!!

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