Thursday, 18 July 2013

iMac and the Dial Emma part 2: The solution

It seemed to take forever, the arrival of stable summer temperatures. And just when you least expect it- there it is. Not only was I hot and bothered about my accidental mistake in placing my photo memory card in the DVD slot on the iMac, sitting in front of the computer working also resulted in warmer temperatures.

I realised I wasn't going to be able to remove the card myself so picked up heh necessary courage and energy to make an appointment with an Apple Genius- which meant a trip to Amsterdam.

In itself quite a harmless and inviting excursion. Except now, it was sweltering hot, I had to walk quite a distance AND I had to lug my iMac behind me in a wheely suitcase ( which had only one wheel).

Seeing this excursion was an event I wouldn't have missed, but certainly had it's moments I want to share it - otherwise only I can revel in it's history. Nothing like sharing the good, the bad, the funny and hilarious.

8:50 - after discovering the screen-iMac was bigger than I thought I finally managed to get it into a large suitcase all packed and ready for travel.

9:14 - Left home totally flustered and a tad late, due to the packaging hassle-leaving my water bottles in the fridge, I went to Dordrecht and picked up my brother in law. He fancied a day in Amsterdam and would accompany me as far as Apple.

11:00 - Arrived at the P&R parking just outside Amsterdam- Parking Arena, where I could leave the car for €8.00 ( which is peanuts as parking in Amsterdam costs a king's ransom hourly) and proceeded to lunge my suitcase ( with one wheel) to the Metro. We boarded only to find we had to get out three stops too soon due to Work in Progress - on the metro line! Lugged suitcase to the awaiting shuttle bus and was tossed around 2 km long to required stop.

11:20 - After asking direction we proceeded to the address of the Apple Centre. We had been advised that it might be more sensible to take the tram seeing we had the suitcase - it would take about half an hour walking to get to the store - but we chose the ' healthy option'  walking. Or in fact  dragging. Sweat poured down my back, my legs and my forehead and it wasn't even the hottest time of day. My shoulder ached. To keep up my intentions of being independent and 'tough girl'  I refused help from my brother in law. How much further could it be? We must be almost there surely.....??!! After all- my silly mistake got me here!!

12:07 - We arrived in Apple Valhalla. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined this apparition. All Apple gadgets everywhere- Apple staff everywhere, Apple lovers everywhere- Apple products everywhere.... two stories ( that were accessible to the public. Don't know what went on on the rest of the floors of this monumental building. It was A-buzz with APLLE!

12:15 - After taking the lift ( thank goodness) to the second floor where all the service geniuses held council - I was promptly assisted by an Apple staff member. Within 8 minutes my 'problem'  was resolved. I somehow couldn't equate the energy needed to get here ( and was to be needed to do a return  home) and then to have the problem resolved so quickly and easily- there was no balance here! I was bushed, whacked, hot and bothered and extremely euphoric that all was again well with my iMac. I felt elated and deflated at the same time! Weird! A sort of All that for that.

12:35 - We left the Apple Centre, leaving my treasure behind so we could indulge in some sustenance. We needed to drink and eat something as we had been on the road for some time- and burnt up all the calories we started the day with!! That was a plus to even out the minuses. Not to forget I had to do a rerun and reverse the mornings antics- dragging the suitcase ( on one wheel) back to whence I had come!!

14:30 - Time to retreat. I left my brother in law to fill in the rest of the day as he pleased and retreated back to Apple Centre where I retrieved my suitcase ( with one wheel) and trundled back to the shuttle stop, lugged it back to the Metro and dragged it back to the car. The temperature had reached 26 degrees and the perspiration had reached drowning levels. I was SOAKED to the skin.

What a day, what a journey, what an experience.

My iMac is a happy iMac, no damage done and I must have lost weight as a bonus.

So, what have I learnt- watch out where you place your memory card in the iMac.... and NEVER use a one wheeled suitcase to transport a heavy load.

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