Monday, 15 July 2013

iMac and a Dial Emma ( Dilemma) part 1

Maybe I shouldn't have tempted fate. I said I LOVED challenges. Well, I got one.

How does one remove the camera card out of the iMac DVD/CD slot?

I have shaken - not stirred, wobbled and tumbled but to no avail. I daren't prod in there - who knows what else could go wrong. 

The close placing of the two slots could be blamed for the misplacing of the card.... but oh well. Or you could say I wasn't careful enough. It happened. And by the reports online - I am not the only one with this experience.

I now have a reason to go to Amsterdam- take my iMac for a spin.

With a bit of luck and expertise hopefully I will return home with my photo memory card in my camera and a useable DVD/CD slot.

The friendly staff at the iMac centre didn't even laugh or snigger at my DIAL EMMA! A blessing if ever there was one and I wouldn't have blamed them.

My trip to Amsterdam wil be exactly that- an ALL DAYER!!

So Amsterdam, here I come!!

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