Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Summer ' up north'.

It is summer. And a beaut it is too. Scorching temperatures and a drought. About 5 weeks ago we had floods, yes unbelievable how the weather can topsie turvy itself on us. We actually didn't believe we were heading for summer, just straight from winter to autumn... Mother Nature does so like to fool everyone.

Summer vacation means ( for many) letting go of daily routines, rituals and programmes. It is a time to turn of the alarm clock, to go with the flow and take each day as it comes. Today I am indulging in just that- going with the flow. My husband and I both work form home, so we don't have the daily hassle of traveling, of ' going to the office'  elsewhere. And whilst I can set my own timetable, schedule and activities- I have the urge to keep this activity ( BLOG) going even while we relax our schedules somewhat due to the excessive temperatures we are having.

My BLOGS aren't always earth shattering in it's contents, or mind boggling to process. My BLOG is a place where I can air my views, share my thoughts and events that have touched me in my daily travels.

It appears that one of my granddaughters also love to write. I have seen a number of poems and stories
she has written in her short lifetime and I have to ( rather proudly) say - she has a natural talent to communicate in writing. She was an early talker, reads well at school (just like her mum) and soared through her reading and writing assignments. At the ripe age of 9 she excels at school.

I was treated to another of her writings early this morning. She had written a poem about the events of the day she had just had with her family. - I won't publish it without her permission - only with her ok I will do so. And rightly so.

Why do people write? What motivates a writer? What motivates me?

After reading the paper I may be moved, irritated, upset, impressed, happy, confused or have an opinion of a particular article I have read. During the day I may meet someone, experience something or be confronted by something that gives food for thought. Then there are issues that I feel strongly about. These things I submit to the screen ( whereas others to paper) and by doing that I can clear my mind, get another perspective on the topic and enjoy the satisfaction of reflection and of sharing.

With some articles I hope to provoke thinking, share ideas and ideals and hopefully touch or reach out to someone who 'needs'  that bit of information at that moment.

It is a two way street. I too get provoked, challenged and enlightened when I read other BLOGS. It helps develop a more critical but also a broader outlook on life and that which makes the world go round.

To know my granddaughter like writing gives a ' feel good'  feeling. Her younger sister loves gardening and tends to the vege garden - something I feel she inherited from my dad. It is lovely to see these familiar traits re-emerging in the next generations. I have more grandchildren - some still very young, I look forward to discovering their likes, strengths and preferences.

It is going to be a laid back sort of day today. The temperature is up there in the 30's. No time to be digging or mowing, but relaxing and enjoying. I wish you reader, a happy relaxed day too - whenever the possibility arrises for you. Enjoy life!

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