Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer has arrived

The sun is out- well actually the sun is out every day. The fact of the matter is - clouds cover the sun at times so we don't feel the benefit of the sun's warm rays. But now, after a very long wait- we finally can say - Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere, the Netherlands to be even more precise- and the population is pleased to say the least. It has been a long, cold and windy stretch. The prospect of the washing flapping in the breeze, the long evenings outside after a day's work- Joy!

A wee bit late ( everything appears to have been set back a month) we were privy to see the two wee chicks just hatched in the chicken coupe at a friend's house. Gorgeous little bundles of fluff chirping away and hiding under mother's wings. How precious and vunerable this new life is.

At my (late) father in laws holiday address the grass had reached a point it needed mowing. The sun was up high before I managed to get there- but toil on I did. A sweatband around my forehead and plenty of water I mowed the grass to an acceptable level. It will keep another 10 days now before I need to repeat the process. It is lovely to walk with bare feet over a newly mowed lawn. The smell of the freshly cut grass is a pleasure to the nostrils.

With the rising temperatures I have had to empty my hanging baskets of the lovely yellow and blue violets. A change of plants is necessary to keep the place looking fresh and colourful. My task for this week. I am also set to paint the terrace- but can only start that in the late afternoon as the sun's rays are too hot for now. I feel a surge of energy now that our natural source of vitamin E is about.

Not only is it pleasant in temperature but the salad meals give a lift too. On my terrace table I have three planters with three different lettuces. I also have an abundance of rocket ( Rucola) so I am able to pluck a fresh salad every other day and include some fresh herbs to so liven up our meals. Yummyyumyum!

Another week and the primary schools in our ( middle) region are to close for the summer. North and South are already on holiday. It is too much for all the schools in the country to stop on the same time so a rolling routine was created to spread the flow. Europe education is shutting down for the school year 2012-13.

It is Monday morning- a fresh start, a new week- a new challenge. I love challenges.

Enjoy everyone!

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