Thursday, 6 February 2014

Getting organised- or getting sidetracked.

As the title says- getting organised could be construed as being or allowing one's self to be sidetracked.

My intention was to 'progress further' with a project I have been working on for a wee while. Recently I have gathered more information and required the much needed enthusiasm, ideas and a technical support person who has offered to guide and advise me.

Turned on my computer, worked through a few messages and mails and thought I would just quickly read a couple of the blogs I like to follow. It was, for many including myself, lunch break time. And there it was- my invitation: To organise or get sidetracked in the form of a blog entitled: Motivation for following the dream, part 3 of a 4 part series. Funnily enough I had missed part one and two- so skipped back a tad and there it was: Part One: Staying organised.

And you know what, Jen was right. I need to get the unnecessary clutter off my desk, out of my drawers and baskets and have a fresh and clear space to work in. I need to create an atmosphere where I feel comfortable in and not be confronted by unfinished odds and sods that divert my attention from the real issues at hand.

Now I don't work in chaotic surroundings, but I have to admit to having wee piles of this and that's - which end up on a to do list and go no further than that. I somehow don't get to do the 'to do list' because I am busy 'doing' other things.

So today, tribute to Jen Cudmore. A big THANK YOU! Because the transformation that is taking place is worth the effort and gratitude. I already have completed a few tasks which have been waiting quite some time and oh dearie me, do I feel unburdened and light. How wonderful to have emptied those few baskets- and not have anything to fill them with!

By the end of the day I hope to have achieved total freedom from my to do's and have gained a sense of satisfaction. Now don't let me dilly dally..... I must get on!!


  1. Good morning Anita! Glad you found my tips helpful. Even though I tend to be an organized person, it's so easy to let the little things go and let the junk pile up!

    1. Today, due to the tips I managed to complete a few tasks from my to do basket. Not only that. My motivation to get the to do list DONE has been ignited!