Saturday, 1 February 2014

Life's quircky moments

I very seldom write two days in a  row- or there has to be a real need or thought provoking issue.

Today again my day started with gratitude- even though it is raining quite heavily and I need to 'get out there'. It is also a bit of a shame as I happen to know a group of about 20 participants are braving the weather for the annual 'winter walk' which isn't as light as it sounds. More like a trek through rough unchartered fields and dens shrubbery! Still, having taken part myself in the past I am convinced they will endure their hardships with a smile- stopping for the odd 'nip to keep warm'  on the way. I am expecting a wet and tired husband home around 6pm- wanting a LONG soak in a warm bath!

Yesterday I wrote about my blessings- and they are numerous. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece called  'Facing the end, alone'.

It was a piece about an elderly neighbour, someone with a difficult personality, who was nearing his end. Whilst there were plenty of good willed people reaching out wanting to be there for him- he had the almost natural knack of pushing them away- and I experienced it myself and believe me, he was good at it.

While I was elevating my day- yesterday! He experienced his last day. Thankful are all of us around him that his suffering, which it had been for a few weeks now, was over.

Wim died in his house a few doors down from where he was born.

As it is my custom, when someone in my circle dies. I write something about this person- to not only announce their departure, but as an eulogy to raise awareness of their being.

Today I honour him here, despite the fact I found it hard to make a dent in his wall. You need to know, I didn't think he was all bad- just that he was so hard to 'get close to' and I struggled with his negative look on life- I have known him for about 11 years and never heard him say anything uplifting, joyful or even funny in all that time. It made me sad, no to mention frustrated.

His plusses, he tended a large vegetable plot with gusto, his chooks were well looked after and he made it possible for many to purchase fresh eggs for a small sum. He always raised his hand in a greeting when he drove past- acknowledging ones presence. He kept his home tidy and after his wife died- about 8 years ago- he did his best to learn to cook. Which, by the way, did give us something to laugh about- after he related the way he had cooked his can of beans!

I pray that he now does have something to be happy about, it will be very strange not to see him in his vege garden or round the table drinking coffee at one of the neighbour's homes we all call into regularly.

R.I.P. Wim you will be missed, truly!


  1. Hi, Anita:

    It's kind of you to remember Wim in this way, and also kind that you tried to make a positive impression in his life, as much as he would not allow it. May Wim rest in peace.

    Enjoy the week to come, and talk to you again soon! Be well.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and your visit Janette. Appreciate your time and attention. A joyful week to you also!

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend. Everyone has a story, and this makes me wonder what his life was like when he was younger. I too, know a handful of his type, and try as you might, they do not seem to crack. Hopefully as you said, he is happier now. You wrote a lovely tribute.

  3. Thank you Karen, I struggled with his type of personality. There is something in me that finds it hard to accept that some people are and will always be ' out of reach'. Well, for us humans anyway. God knows beter.