Monday, 6 July 2015

Mary, the mother of Jesus, the HUMAN side of her (6)

A sword shall pierce your heart.

Did Mary's awareness of her son's divinity and her knowledge of the prophecies make it any easier to bear the pain of his suffering and death? I think not. She saw him arrested, tried, imprisoned and sentenced to death as a criminal.

A sword shall pierce your heart.

She walked near him as he carried the cross to the place of execution. When  his followers and friends became afraid of the authorities they deserted him, his now aging other did not forsake him. Mary stayed with her child throughout the agonising hours of his dying and then took his lifeless body into her arms. Mary must be with women who suffer this the heaviest of burdens, the death of a child and she must ask God to relieve their pain.

A sword shall pierce your heart

I am personally touched by this statement. It was delivered to Mary right at conception- and must have been on her mind - not so much all the time - but there lingering and popping up at intervals of unrest and events that troubled or confused her.

Many mothers, myself included can identify with Mary here. Mother's whose children have for some reason or other chosen an path that leads to grief and unhappiness. I think here of parents of children who have diverted off the right track and have lost their way - taking drugs to alleviate their pain, drinking, surrounding themselves with people who 'take them down'. They are themselves lost souls having strayed from the path of life leading to God and goodness. They too need a Mary, someone who doesn't abandon them or put their plight in the 'too hard basket'. Understanding and guidance, not judgement or neglect.

It takes a special love. Courage, determination, love - a special love! Mary love. She had this love. I too pray that in moments when that sword pierces my heart ( which it occasionally does) that I have the strength, wisdom and courage to carry my burden, knowing God is there with me and those I love in times of trial.

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