Thursday, 9 July 2015

Getting sorted

My mind is overflowing with thoughts, ideas and possibilities.

I have thus urge to type away all day with all sorts of themes and subjects popping in and out of my mind like Jack in the Boxes!

It is time to reflect, to focus on how I can organise myself that I don't mix and match, digress or double up....see what I mean?

For some reason I have decided that I want to 'organise' my subjects. Not write willy nilly everything mixed up in together.

I am in the throws of splitting my subjects so that readers can choose which theme or thought pattern of mine they want to read or follow.

As it is right now, one minute I am totally immersed in Christian based topics, then about the children, then about the world at large, then about my hobbies and other experiences.

And maybe that's how it will stay- but right now, my inclination is to make separate headings and split my blogs.

I will attempt to keep the bi-lingual aspect up to date. A necessity if I want to keep my English language skills up to date and at the ready. Always handy and let's face it. If I don't use it, I will loose it! It is as simple as that.

On my newest Blog about being ' oma ver weg - Oma far away' I have placed the translator...and tried it out myself. I must say - clever idea but not too finely tuned. Oh dear oh dear. Maybe it is too big an ask to expect a computer to 'read' in a language and instantly translate into another. So you can more than likely expect an English version of that Blog appearing too.

At present I am using Blogger as a programme. Up till now quite adequate and I am reasonably familiar with the services and options. I say reasonably, as there are still unchartered waters to discover.

To safeguard my input to date I have had my Blogs committed to paper- that is to say, I used a complimentary programma online to have my blogs printed as books. Before I get totally carried away, I will commit everything to paper in case of a total muck up because once one begins to fiddle with online documents - anything can happen.

The coming weeks I will be plotting, planning and of course doing the occasional writing.

I hope I can count on your patience, continued support and readership as I continue to grow and learn.

Enjoy each day as it is gifted you


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