Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mary the mother of Jesus, the HUMAN side of her ( last post)

Mary was almost 50 when Jesus died and women aged rapidly in those days. In her old age she continued to play a vital role in the establishment of the Christian Church. She reassured and supported the apostles in their struggle to propagate the teachings of her son. Then she died and was assumed into Heaven to be rewarded for her holiness, her virtue, her suffering and her great courage.

Now that I am a middle aged, the image I have of Mary I cherish is of a good courages woman. An aged Jewish woman. her dark hair streaked with grey, her olive skinned face lined, her brown eyes reflecting her wisdom and experience of life and it's sufferings, her hands roughened by physical work, her feet calloused from walking sandaled along dusty road, her clothes coarse, homespun and dark, like those of Bedouin women.

I see a woman who has been a pregnant girl, a loving wife, a lonely and frightened young mother, a devoted daughter, a neighbour, a friend, a widow, a solo mother, a lay worker in the church. I can recognise her and be comfortable with her.

I honour her.

Mary, the mother of Jesus. We cannot get round her.

She was so necessary - to take upon her the role of mother.

I have heard it said, read it somewhere and even said or thought to myself:
( when observing or being involved in some way with a mother and child)

"This is the best mother for this child"

God chose Mary as the mother for Jesus, just as he choses all of us for special tasks

He alone knows our strength and weaknesses.

When confronted with a task trust in God.

He knows I am  / you are UP to the challenge.

I don't ADORE Mary in the sense that I put her before God or my faith

I do, just like the original author of this piece - honour her in her mother role and can ask for her help when my going gets touch.

Yes, I pray 'directly' to Jesus, to my God, to the Holy Spirit
But I also remember Mary and who she was

A mum wanting to protect, guide and nurture her child.

Mary, the mother to and for all mothers

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