Wednesday, 22 July 2015

What a way to start my day

Upon waking I immediately go to the lounge and open our terrace door. The fresh air greets me and I take that first deep breath. Like a tonic it removes any sleepiness I may still feel. I am ready for a new day.

I then step barefoot out onto the balcony and look over the waters that gently flows past our apartment meandering on it's way tirelessly, day in day out. There is quite a current when the winds blow- and when the tide pushes the water level up - many miles down stream. An ever changing situation in and on the water.

An early morning prayer, of gratefulness and thanks for my restful night and the promise of a new day is next. How beautiful it all is- rain or shine. The trees, the birds, the water, the sky. It is a gift I truly am thankful for each and every morning. As I stand barefoot on the decking and enjoy the scene before me, I feel the fresh crisp breeze on my skin

I have acquired this routine since coming to live here last Christmas Eve. Not that I wasn't thankful for where we lived then, or for the days gifted me. I just had a totally other routine, another situation, almost another life for which I was also grateful.

The summer months have arrived. There is a lot more activity on the water. Morning activity with boaties making an early start leaving the yacht harbour which is just around the bend. The local rowing club members use this stretch to have their daily exercise. Wind, rain, unruly waters- nothing stops these keen rowers from having their fun. Sometimes, when the wind is still sleeping, these rowboats appear to glide over a much polished mirror, silent and effortless it seems, and that is an awesome sight believe me.

We are blessed, my husband and I, that we have been fortunate to have found and been able to acquire this beautiful spot to live in and enjoy. It was a huge change- leaving neighbours who are now friends, a lovely home and in a place we felt so at home. Thankful are we, that we have made the switch while our energy levels allowed us to decorate, scrub and clean and pack up and move. Many of our friends being surprised - as we hadn't reached the age of 'needing' to live in an apartment.

I suggest people not wait till the 'need' to but when then are able to to make the switch. When there is energy, ability and also the possibility. We are settling in, enjoying the friendship of new neighbours and our surrounding.

We are enjoying the 'getting to know you' phase of our new life. We are definitely hugely blessed.

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