Saturday, 5 September 2015

Becoming aware

Well, I have decided I can't be silent on the subject of the fleeing refugees. I know, there has been more than enough said/written so time to get active.

But active how? By whom and to what end?

The size of the issue is SO huge that it isn't any wonder everyone ( well almost everyone) is running around frantically starting up groups, centers, building walls, scouring beach fronts,
scratching heads and arguing the point. Meetings are being scheduled, round the table talks, moments of passing the buck and burying heads in sand are part of the scenery in todays screaming issue


Well I suggest to humanise the subject - let's call these people exactly that, PEOPLE.

There are millions of displaced people - tragically caught up in a situation not of their chosing. Being forced to leave homeland by those who are supposed to give them shelter - their own government.

Yes, their own leaders, people in charge - are forcing their own people to leave their homes, family, friends, lifestyle and traditions by being TYRANT instead of PARENT.

PARENT I hear you utter! Yes, PARENT.

When a child is abused and not properly treated at home - he or she leaves home and seeks shelter somewhere - anywhere. Just a place of safety.

These people belong to a family - they are citizens in their own right and those in charge of their welfare have failed in their duty to care for and protect.
There is fighting, squabbling over money matters, power and greed. Their main priority being THEMSELVES instead of OTHERS.

I don't really care what's at the bottom of it - be it religion or political perception. All I care about are the homeless- the deprived - the frightened and persecuted people running as frightened cattle many of them finding death.

Do I fix their problem by offering a bed to one of these many who have lost a roof over their heads? Is that the simple solution to a drastic problem?

A question: Someone moves into the house next door to you. The neighbourhood where you grew up in. You managed to buy a house just down the street from your parents. You know the neighbours well. They are almost family. The new comers are a friendly lot and join in the neighbourhood activities. Over a period of time - you start to feel less connected- changes happen. The new neighbours have gotten involved in the committees and workgroups and slowly their stamp is on everything that is organised. You notice one or two 'regulars' haven't attended the last bbq. Your parents start showing signs of nervousness and come outside less and less.

After 18 months an unease sets in. You aren't alone. More and more friends are despondent. Their outgoing nature dampened and the conversations hushed. A For Sale sign pops up in the street. Shock horror. Your schoolbuddy and best friend calls it quits. He wants out.

Oh well, I can go on with the story - but the crux of the matter is - the influence from others on peoples sense of belonging, of appreciation and worth is affected by those around us. Whether we like it or not.

Our brain has developed rational thinking - but our primal brain maintains it's function - Fight and flight. When the going gets tough - GET GOING. FLEE from that which threatens you. When given space to rationalise one comes up with solutions.

Due to the inability for other stronger nations to have intervened when the GOING GOT TOUGH - allowing for breathing space and rational thinking to kick in - these oppressed, persecuted and frightened people are on the run. To safety ( they think) to peace ( they assume) to freedom ( don't think so).

Maybe we, those living in non - war countries, have been too complacent. Too laid back with the ' oh let them sort out their own battle,' attitude. Well, the result is on every front page, news item and radio broadcast.


No, I don't either

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  1. This is an issue you can't fix overnight. These people need help, but the root of the problem needs to be sorted out.