Sunday, 20 September 2015

Job well done

It is just the two of us.

It has been for almost 13 years now.

Two breakfast settings.

Two towels in the bathroom.

Two favourite coffee mugs.

Two sets of house keys.

Two opinions.

Two ....just two.

When the children were young and growing up, I had visions.

Visions of the quiet.

Visions of tranquil evenings.

Visions of small pots on the stove.

Small shopping baskets.

I couldn't imagine how that would be.

It actually confused me.

Always extras at the table.

Mattresses on the floor.

Extra food in the larder.

Shortage of towels.

A washing machine which never stood still.

Bench covered with dishes.

A biscuit barrel that was forever hungry.

A multitude of opinions.

Laughter prevailed, voices did too.

It is, just the two of us.

No longer confused.

Job well done!

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