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With great pleasure: Introducing Jen Cudmore

As a Blogger I belong to a number of collective blog groups. I also scour the web for blogs which contain contents I want to read, where I can grow and learn form, and to just ENJOY. Another way to discover like minded bloggers is to check out the links on other blogs. A bit like discovering 'friends' via Facebook. These bloggers are then added to my blog reading list and I visit them regularly to read what 'they are or have been up to'.

Jen Cudmore is a blogger I have followed for a while. At a distance but then I started reacting to her posts a bit more frequently. Bloggers do so enjoy a wee sign that readers have 'been and read'. A short comment or acknowledgement is always welcome.

Some bloggers start blogging and then move on to having works published - others, like Jen work the other way round- have books published then start blogging.

Blogging is a great space for those wanting to share their passion for writing, their need to 'jot stuff on paper' and those wanting to share their wisdom, experiences, faith life or other hobbies such as cooking or the like.

Jen Cudmore
Facebook link: Jen Cudmore
When I decided I would like to add some guests to my blog pages I invited Jen to 'pop in' and respond to some questions I had committed to paper. Here are her answers.

Jen, I am pleased and proud to introduce you a guest on my page.

Readers, introducing: Jen Cudmore

1.     What came first- writing or blogging and how long have you been a blogger? Writing. In the beginning I was just having fun jotting down story lines. Then it turned into learning to write novels. Once I found a publisher for my books, I started the blog.

2.    As a blogger, how do you decide on topics and regularity to place posts on your blog? What would you not share – (e.g. specific topic?) I have tried different schedules to see what works for my readers and for my home life. Right now, due to other commitments, I am only doing a couple posts a month. As far as topics, I typically stick to marriage, family, and women's issues, plus some writing stuff from time to time. I try to stay away from anything controversial or political. My goal (my passion) is simply to encourage other women with my own experiences and help them to live the abundant life in Christ.

3.    Are reader’s numbers and responses important to you? Do these two items influence your writing? Yes and no. Higher numbers and responses typically mean I'm talking about issues that are important to others. For a while, my goal was simply to encourage more hits. Now I just write whatever is on my heart in the moment, depending on what God's been teaching me.

4.    The Blogger’s world has become ‘a place to be’ for non-published writers – I also see that a number of Bloggers now also use Facebook as a writing platform – do you also combine these two media options? Yes, I do. A blog and FB account are places where people to get to know you personally. They can only get so much from books! Blogging and personalizing FB pages makes authors feel more like real people. They can better understand your goals and passions.

5.    Publishing- ( a multi question )
5a. Have you considered publishing any of your blog posts? Yes.
5b. In what form? A nonfiction book on marriage.
5c. If you have published – what process did you follow in choosing the ‘right’ material? Because I'm a novelist, I didn't use any of the material on my blog in my books.

6.    What is your motivation to Blog and share? Life is hard. It's often messy and disappointing. We all need encouragement from real people who are trying to navigate kids, jobs, homes, etc, all while pursuing our Savoir and living to please Him. I love writing and teaching, and all the better if I can help someone else. A word fitly spoken blesses the listener. That's what I want.

7.    Is writing your main activity or a much loved hobby? Just a hobby. I have a day job and a family that take up most of my attention, as well as church commitments. I don't have much time for writing in this season of life. But someday...

8.    Are there unforeseen repercussions due to blogging? The only negatives that I have seen personally is lack of response. Or the pressure that we bloggers put on ourselves to write something incredible. It's a process of learning to relax, write well, and follow God's prompts.

9.    What are (if any) main hurdles to overcome- to start a blog? Learning the background and set-up stuff to make it look the way I wanted! I was really overwhelmed trying to understand how to work the program so I could get each item to show up in the right spot. There was a lot of trial, error, and praying for comprehension!

10. Can you give beginner bloggers your 3 most valuable tips to a successful blog?
1 - Don't get caught up in the number of views - that is only one area to use when evaluating your success.
2 - Just like any new venture, becoming a good blogger takes a lot of practice (just like Olympic winners and famous musicians).
3 - Enjoy yourself! Discuss topics that you're passionate about.

Here is the link to Jen's blog
click and enjoy

Thanks for your visit Jen and succes with your writing. That we readers may long be able to enjoy the fruits of your work.

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  1. Thanks for the invitation, Anita! You are a dear, sweet lady and I wish you blessings on your own writing journey.