Monday, 14 September 2015

Over - and over and over!

Overbooked, overtired, over it!

I need to be REALISTIC. I need to realise that I am not as capable of forging on day after day after day - not like I could when I was 25 -35 or even 55! And there is no shame in that. Somehow I appear to feel the need to PROVE I still 'HAVE IT'.

There is nothing wrong with my energy levels. They belong to an active 62 year old...! And believe me I can tackle my world when necessary.

 But the past week and a half I lost the vision of what I could and couldn't handle.

The events and activities were awesome and  LOVED every minute of it. There is no room for regret because it was all FUN, WORTHWHILE and REWARDING to be and do what I managed to do.

It just meant, I got over tired, slept more than poorly and my day today is for most part - a write off.

The ironing can and will have to wait.

The floors dito.

My blog writing, an important part of my week - was put on hold and I have, despite the fun and hectic schedule of the past days - was sorely missed. Made me a wee bit cranky! Well, maybe not cranky but I felt bereft.

So, now the reality. I am no longer 45. My activities need to be kept in balance and I need to remind myself - build in 'time out' moments.

Today, a day to re-assess, to look back on some amazing events, having received loving, heartwarming and complimentary emails about my cooking skills and know my fatigue was a small price to pay for the
satisfaction received.

I am back - back on line. Back at my desk.

Will take the next few days to update my blogs, my recipe books and my photo gallery.

The first album to complete ( having started it months ago) - is for my niece. Then 2 for my wee grandchildren. Those 3 are 'promises to keep. The rest are projects I want to work on.

Just like after a good break and enjoyable holiday - I feel great to be back at my desk.


  1. Hi Anita, I know what you mean. I am going through that "I am just not that age anymore" syndrome but also don't want to be old in my head before my time, lol. Good reminder to pace ourselves and rest occasionally.
    God bless

    1. A mirror is such a handy gadget. I need to look in it more often. I like what I see - just need to look after it better. Thanks Tracey - glad I am not the only one. ;-)

  2. When you've hit burnout point my darling Anita (and you know you're not alone there!) there's only one thing to do and that is back off and give yourself time to breathe. It doesn't matter a fig about ironing or floors or even washing. Let them go for a day or two. Give yourself time to rest, reflect & heal. Love you. xxxx

  3. In case you hadn't realised who had replied - it's me, Annette xxxx

    1. Oh dearest friend- I read your name and your love for me between the lines.....!

  4. Now, I am coming to visit you next year as you know and it's important that both of us don't end up with burnout. I will already be jetlagged and will need to rest for a bit. I don't care if we do nothing but sit around and talk and take some walks - and drink wine of course! These are the things I think we both need to do to prevent that burnout: 1. Spend 15 minutes before we hit into each day just stretching and reflecting and perhaps writing our journals; 2. Eat sensibly (well most of the time - and this doesn't mean YOU cooking for me every night either!), take some enjoyable exercise and go to bed at a reasonable hour; 3. Feel free to say NO to things which will push us too far and say YES to things that we'll really enjoy - we don't have to pack everything in on this visit - I'll be back!; 4. Take a break from our phones and computers for a while - especially at night; 5. Do something creative most days - I'm sure we'll think of something! Can't wait to see you. Annette xxxx

    1. ....and I hear you loud and clear. Will pace ourselves like the sensible people we are ( hahahahahhahahaa) And I too and looking forward to our chin wags and drinkies!