Thursday, 10 March 2016

Content, satisfied, happy

How I wish I could say I start every day this way.

Well I do often start with a smile and certainly full of energy and 'get up and go'. It is just not always possible to hold onto this feeling. Well, not 'not possible'. Let's say I tend to occasionally let this feeling slip through my fingers.

But recently, I have been challenging myself to 'get a grip' on my day. On the 24 hours ahead. On the events that are planned and unplanned.

We receive the newspaper every day in our letterbox. It is becoming more and more unappealing to spending my precious time reading it. So depressive - so downgrading and morose.

The wee bits of 'good news' do not restore the balance. Good news doesn't sell I am told. Bolderdash I say!  My thoughts that is.( see my opinion)  Good news is like a sun in the sky, like a smile from a friend, a shoulder tap to say 'well done'. Good news is knowing life is a gift, a treasure and a place to 'do well'. Good news is something we can all add to. To make, to create, to share.

How can GOOD NEWS be a BAD thing?

While my daughter, son in law and children stayed - at the end of the day the children ( and adults) had to mention 2 BEST things of the day. It was hard to choose. Because a day has more GOOD moments than one can sum up.

Try it - I suggest - even if you are an up and up happy person - try at the end of the day to restrict your ' Good news' moments to TWO.

It is 10:49 am and I already have a long long list of GOOD stuff so I know it will be hard to choose this evening.

Happy - Blessed - Enjoyable and Satisfying day everyone.


if not for yourself- then for those around you!

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