Saturday, 19 March 2016

Playing the tourist

Holidays abroad, safaris and cruises, international destinations, world discovery holidays!

Half the fun of a holiday is in the planning. The prospect alone is a happy one.

Thing is- those listed above cost the earth, and not everyone has the purse for them.

The other thing is - some people only go FAR to discover the world at large- whilst not actually ever having really seen their own country at it's best.

Don't you wonder why people come to visit your homeland? To see what is is they don't have at home.

The past 4 years my husband and I have been playing Tourist in own country'. Awfully good fun.

The past 2 years a couple (  of VERY GOOD FRIENDS) have joined us. And as a 4-some we criss cross the countryside- taking in all the sights and impressions we lay our eyes on.

And what a lovely sights we see.

Ever done it? No I don't mean that when you travel to a destination - you happen to see what's on the way. But to make the trip the holiday! The hotel is only a place to stay.

First tip: Find a hotel (best deal) in a remote township. Book a night. Don't check out the area till you have booked.
Second tip: Get together with driver and plan route. Village here, side road there- maybe a unsealed one to boot. They are FUN!
Third tip: Make sure there is a coffee + lunch + afternoon tea stop planned. Select the spots ( roughly) weather and traffic congestion set the pace)
Fourth tip: If necessary of tickles your fancy- take a thermos- or two, picknick lunch and some cold refreshments.
Fifth tip: Remember your camera.

No plans yet for autumn, spring of an odd day away... then I say, " Go for it".  Be tourist in your own country en ENJOY!

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