Sunday, 6 March 2016

On air

I had the most amazing experience Friday and an even more amazing one today.

It has to do with the radio.

The subject was: Immigration

Topic: The differences

The Interviewee: ME!

Recently I was approached by a radio station - specially for Dutch people away from home ( for whatever length of time or reason).

If I would share my experiences of my to-ing and fro-ing between New Zealand and Nederland.

The point of the exercise being that the interviewer wanted to highlight the differences between home and the new homeland.

It so transpires that I have had ( to date) an absolutely blessed and rich life. My hope is of course that it stays that way for a long time to come.

Back to the subject: Radio Interview!

My parents left Nederland because they wanted a 'better' life for their 4 children. Seeing as I was barely 8 - better was a vague concept. I had all I needed - I wasn't burdened with the things that weigh parents down. So different for me about where I was to live - not being able to visit family and friends and learning a new language.

After 5 years in our new 'homeland' we returned to Nederland due to a health issue my baby brother was faced with. We still returned with 4 children, leaving the eldest behind.

Life happens, things evolve. The return was positive in the sense that my brother's health issue was no longer an issue thanks to the wonderful medical care and solution they offered. Bit by bit- fragmented as it were, we all ended up back in New Zealand. Now all for our own reasons.

I met a New Zealander, married, had a family and enjoyed a good life.

Then life happened some more.

In July 2000 I landed at Schiphol airport for a years sabbatical. Returned shortly after to New Zealand and packed my belongings to return to Nederland- home. Apparently where my heart was and is.

Having just had that interview has brought back many happy and also sad memories- the whys and wherefors and the knowledge that NEDERLAND is my home, that I have a wonderful 2nd home to visit when I see my children, grandchildren and dear friends with whom I have stayed in contact.

Immigration - a world apart- an enriching experience not to be stepped into lightly. Yet an opportunity for all to 'better' ones circumstance. For whatever reason.

Thanks to the interviewer who listened to  my ramblings - an experience I will not forget.

For Dutch listeners EVERYWHERE

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