Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tears that flow

Where will it end?

When will the hatred make way for peace?

My heart bleeds for all those in places tormented by war

I weep for those maimed and killed

It goes beyond my comprehension

The slaughter, the devastation

How many more lives are to be sacrificed

Women, children, men all targets of a cruelty

I cannot begin to describe

While my skies turn blue

and the golden rays of sun touches the earth

Elsewhere dark shadows spread destruction

Thirsting on power and the blood of the innocent

Horror filled days followed by uncertain nights

The world - being seen as a prize to be had

By a force filled with darkness

When will those dark hearts turn to the sun

And allow the glow to fill them with LOVE

Love and respect- is what the world needs

The WORLD - gifted to ALL - in LOVE!

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