Thursday, 15 March 2012

It is Thursday again...a week has flown by. Been really busy with one thing and another. Farewelled a life long friend of pa ( Leen snr) last Friday. Met some old acquaintances of Leen (jnr) at the cremation and rekindled that contact. What a lovely couple. The afternoon was spent running around town picking up this, dropping of that - you know, all those little jobs one puts off because they seem trivial but do need attending to. The weather was good too. A bit of sunshine, no wind and rather mellow.

Saturday Leen went off to the "keet" ( pronounced "kate"- sort of). We are guides in the Hollands Biesbosch, and are guardians of a special monumental area which is constantly in need of attention and nurturing. I usually go too but have decided now to only go every fortnight. Have enough here to keep me busy as well. At 16:45 I joined Leen at the Biesbosch as we were being treated to an annual " thank you"  outing along with other volunteers and employees. At 17:30 we were whisked away by bus to Rotterdam to a Mini Railz exhibition. Was quite fun. Were also treated to a buffet style meal at the attraction. Along with 103 other people we thoroughly enjoyed this outing that we would not have selected for ourselves but in a group like we were it was fun and certainly worth the time. A great wet day attraction for train fanatics and children!

Sunday we finally got to " celebrate"  Leen's 58th birthday with his dad ( pa/opaopa), brother Arie, aunt (tante Jaantje) and "our"  mother in law (ma/ Irene's mum). The " oldies"  are indeed that. All octogenerians - 84, 85 and 82 respectively. I had baked, which they always so appreciate and made a delicious courgette soup with savoury muffins.

At 14:00 we had the place to ourselves. The sun was lovely and warm so we went down the garden and opened the summerhouse.
I had reconnected the water supply the day before and made it " cosy"  after the chilly winter months. We had used it then but with a heater and condensation on the windows it is less attractive than now in the spring with colour and a warm breeze. Tried to find the photo I took but it hasn't appeared in the iMAc for some reason. Round the time I planned to cook tea, friends Harry, Hinriette and their son Joey arrived with their brand new car, Dacia -Duster they picked up the day before. Leen off for a spin. We had a coffee and the boys a beer and decided we might as well order dinner. Unfortunately the place we rang had a bit of a problem...with what is still unclear but we waited 1 3/4 for our meal. Man were we frustrated. Had rung, got a tall tale, rung again, same tale and just as Leen was going to cancel the meal they turned up at the door. The boss himself coming to apologise. Nice of him but it didn't turn back the clock. Still, the food was GOOD! and we were HUNGRY.

Monday rolled into Tuesday, Wednesday wasn't a fishday. Pa had a checkup appointment with his cardiologist. The weather was great though. I have been working on my project, getting a step further in realising my goal with every step. Nice to be getting positive feedback from various people too. Have sent invitations for Wednesday morning and evening 28th March to about 40 people to come to a product information/ introduction session and have a leaflet with statements and room for comments. Just to gauge interest and get feedback on the product and it's potential. Now need to get cracking with a presentation. And on the 25th april ( Anzac day I believe) I am to have a stand at the local garden centre again to gauge public interest for the product. I don't know if the site has been updated yet. This is the KIWI site. So check out the product and see what you think.

It is Thursday I said at the start of this addition: The sun is up and high in the sky, the weather conditions are ideal for a ride in the MG. I need to deliver a sample to the potential plastics firm who have shown interest in producing the product so Leen and I are going to do it in style.

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